🧪 Early information on the October 2022 HOTM -- Celidana [Part of The Beta Beat V50]

It annoyed me to see that too… But i guess it is better than what they did to zagrog initially… Passive… No effect to attack power… Elemental… Attack up…

Come on… How can a hero not feast on their own elemental.

Yes, that’s a bit redundant ability…

She is counter to purple lady very slow speed…and devastating special skill

i would agree if Celidana had also cleansing and protected and healed all heroes. As she is right now, she won’t counter Alfrike very much, unless you use two copies.

She is new gen guin without the mana cut. This hero made me wish guin got a buff instead

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In summary; i did not like it. Is there anyone out there needs a slow healer. Especially a hero only heals three. Vivica-C second costume has better special skill, and considering there will be a family bonus for S1 heroes in the near future too, i could say, this hero is already out-dated before its release :rofl:

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Celidana…the klaern of healers?
I’m pretty sure even the name is just something they just made up on the spot

Can this defence up be reversed by Guan yu’s DD? If so this hero is pretty much close to useless

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This is much worse than Hulda case. There is no Hp Boosted removal like minion case.

In no purple raid tournament, it will be really hard to take down this hero without specific 5*. The +50% undispellable defense up tie with huge Hp Boosted is too powerful for HotM.

This effect can be reversed by Louhi and cWhite Rabbit too.

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This is pretty much what zulag is supposed to be imo. This hero is like 2 years too late

Even then she is quite unstable to use as tank. Only really a flank hero because she cannot take hits to save her niche

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All uncleansable defense down skills can revert it.

Zulag at least is Average, not Slow…

Uhh , slow hiler to the caster and nerby allies. It is a very nice concept. Give it less boost hp and make IT to all allies.

She could have potential to become a problem in rush. for caster and nearby effect, she’s best at flank. Imagine this: Have your typical Alfrike at tank, flanked by this hotm and Khufu, with MN and costume Ariel at wing. The boosted health from Ariel, also keeps this hotm’s boostwd health skills active much longer

@PlayForFun You forgot the beta-beat tag on this topic. I was looking for it and couldn’t find it at first.


Thx, I have added that tag to the topic.


Well, we had such a great HOTM streak!

Sadly, it came to an end.

SGG still creates heroes which design is widely considered as bad.

Caster and nearby healer…with slow speed…she is the most niche healer of all I guess.

4* Wang Yuanji seems more useful than her.

A streak of 1? We had Klaern just last month, the worst of the worst