🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Valhalla Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

Sif made the list yay!


I’ll do 10 summons! In the old days that would be a 50/50 chance of Sumitomo, but SGG has got my back.

And… I’m not excited about Fenrir. Competes with my Magni for emblems.

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Thanks for the details @zephyr1.

As I see the probability of getting an S3 hero is 0.5% worse than getting an S2 hero from the Atlantis portal.

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I’m embarrassed by how long I had to stare at that to understand how they could be gone forever. But I think I get it… just to confirm is this how it works?

You basically get three opportunities to get each HotM. Opportunity one is in it’s initial release month, opportunity two occurs 11 months later on “track 1” at Atlantis and opportunity three occurs 12 months after that on “track 2” at Atlantis. After which the hero is gone forever (barring any changes of course ala Valhalla summons adding featured past HotM starting at Hel, or slowing or stopping the release of new HotM etc. etc.).


You’ve got it :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing is, it didn’t use to be like that — they jumped around based on the whims of the game designers.

But then they eventually settled into this pattern, which, as you noted, doesn’t repeat after the second track passes a HOTM again — which we’ve already done for Alby and Hel in particular, as brought up above.

I personally suspect that’s just an indication that they’ll show up somewhere else at some point.

The game designers have seemed to be very fond of finding ways to bring every Hero back repeatedly. I suspect no Hero will ever become unavailable forever — it’s just a matter of when they’ll eventually return somehow.

Though it could be infrequent — like Seasonal Event Heroes only returning once per year.

Some different Summon Event is always possible, as is (perhaps) Hero Academy — or some other new mechanism.

Time will tell…


I still get more Muggys than anything else from Atlantis. It’s always a guaranteed lizard dinner for whatever green I’m leveling :lizard: :fork_and_knife: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand:

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Cheers @zephyr1


I honestly wouldn’t mind giving Renfeld, Dawa and Prisca a farewell send-off party forever.


Speaking of Dawa, I LOVE that picture above that shows many Dawas as in the Matrix. In my Alliance, if someone pulls crap, we say ‘I got Dawa’d’. Perfect!

Crazy idea, but can there NOT be S1 heroes included in the S2 or S3 portals?


Summon Portal Spinning

Congratulations, you pulled a Silver Hero Token!

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And I pulled a 1* Common Villager troop…smh

Somebody may have pointed this out, but with one featured 5* and five non-featured 5* heroes, that makes the odds of any given one effectively the same.

Featured: 0.3%
Non-featured: 1.3%/5 = 0.26%

.04% is pretty much a rounding error, while Fenrir is ever-so-slightly more likely, that’s not going to be noticable.

I guess SG decided that they cannot release a new hero with an expected number of pulls to get it under 300. That would just be … wrong !!! :scream_cat:


Yes, but if you’re fine with ANY 5* rather than hunting a specific one, the S3 portal is worse. :frowning:

Uhm, I think it is the same. Total of 2.5% chance of a 5* plus 1.3% chance of a hotm.


I am confused by this, why are the chances of getting a non featured Season 3 hero lower than the featured hero? Am I missing something or is Fenrir’s rate .3% and any other Season 3 hero is 1.3%? Feels like that should be the other way around :thinking:


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Yes. Missing the fact that it is a 0.3% chance for Fenrir SPECIFICALLY vs. a 1.3% chance for ANY other S3 5* hero…


2.4% unless it’s just rounding errors not adding up. But yes, it’s close enough.

I misread the percentage from another site.

Same crappy odds, have fun with all your season 1 dupe pulls when this begins. On a plus note though the magical hero academy should be coming out somewhere between season 8 and 9 as they made it a top priority! 10 heroes and 3000 gems gives you a different 5* hero (excluding season 2-infinity and event heroes of course) if you do ten at a time you save 17 gems too…AWESOME STUFF!


Is this how the S3 heroes are likely to be introduced? I wasn’t around when S2 was new so I was wondering how the whole thing gets launched. I was honestly expecting something like 3-5 new heroes per month for a while to stretch it out, but if 16 are going to all hit the street right outta the gates that changes things quite a bit in terms of prepping for them.

I really really really really really hope they don’t “Drip Feed” the heroes in…

Main reason being:
it’s unfair to players who spend their gems & items early on what could be “worse” heroes…

Say if we go back to S2 and they drip-fed the heroes in there… Say that Proteus & Wilbur (arguably two of the best 4* heroes from S2) were released in the 3rd hero release… but you have gone & used all your free summons on the first couple of releases… not fair is it…? Especially if there is no notice of there being future hero releases…

@MysterySpin explains it better than me so I’ll just bulk quote him:

Withholding heroes from Summon Gate/Adding heroes to an old Summon Gate

“But we’re planning to add more 3* and 4* heroes in later batches for Season 3.”
This problem doesn’t affect the vast majority of players but as it concerns the reason why I personally went from being a whale in this game to severely cutting back my spending in this game and starting the process of looking for other games and if SGG has shown they love nothing more than their whales they might care to know this but also that those problems now appear to be creeping further into the game to potentially affect more players.

New Challenge Event Heroes without Featured Odds from a whale’s perspective

Whilst stuff like the rubbish Alchemy Lab was a major annoyance it wasn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me, what was my deal breaker was the handling of the new Challenge Event heroes and specifically add new heroes to old summons gates with any form of featured boosted odds or any odd modifications what-so-ever to reflect more heroes in a particular category.

To those that don’t spend much and don’t have most of the event heroes in the gate that doesn’t really matter much but for your whales that had already sunk plenty of money in those gates to get everything they wanted from the gate – whether that be one specific event hero, 2 of them or even the whole set – which would often result in many dupes of Event 5* you weren’t after anyway. You would eventually have got to the point where you’d got what you wanted from that particular gate that you were now finished with and would instead set your sights on a different gate to get other heroes.

Then a whole bunch of much more OP heroes were dumped into old gates that you’d previously spent a lot to be done with at even lower odds than before of getting something you might want. Instantly everything spent before accumulating older dupes would have been better off saved and spent now when you had chances to get these better ones whereas now you’re likely to walk away with more dupes of stuff you spent a lot to get in the first place.

Comparing it to Season 2 and why with Season 3 it will now affect F2P and C2P also

But hang on, Season 2 added new 5* heroes with each new family – yes they did, but the gate also came with “Featured hero” boosted odds so that you could specifically choose when to pull to have a better shot at getting a new 5* or 5* you didn’t have over another hero. This did not happen with the new Challenge Event gates nor is it likely to happen with the Seasonal Gates. As such given how bad the odds are of getting something new at those gates if you’ve previous spent a lot at them there is not really much point doing any more than using said gate as a cheaper way to pull for the HOTM than the more expensive Atlantis and Costume gates.

So why does this relate to Season 3? Surely the summon gate there will be like Season 2 with boosted “Featured Heroes” well because now it relates to the 3* and 4* heroes and will therefore begin to not just be a whale only issue but start to affect more of the C2P and F2P groups.

What do I mean by this? Well let’s go back to Season 2 and instead pretend that the 4* heroes were drip fed with 1 from each family released when we went from 1 5* family to the next.
So let’s say the 4* and 5* hero batches were as follows:
Season 2 Batch 1: Tarlak, Misandra, Mok-Arr, Agwe, Sumitomo and Gaderius
Season 2 Batch 2: Kageburado, Inari, Mitsuko, Gobbler, Ameonna and Triton
Season 2 Batch 3: Ariel, Poseidon, Atomos, Ursena, Wilbur, Danzaburo and Proteus

Now if you were a F2P or C2P slowly accumulating your Atlantis Coins from Season 2 levels that you would be strongly tempted to have a punt on possibly getting the likes of Tarlak and Kage in the earlier batches but in so doing you deplete the number of Atlantis coins you have for when Batch 3 releases the 4* mega-stars of Wilbur and Proteus that now you have much less chances to pull those ones that under what we actually had you had a better shot of getting them with all of them having been available from gate 1. What will happen is you would have regretted your earlier pulls and not saved them for the better heroes and that is the crux of the issue I’m trying to explain with the Challenge Events from the whale’s perspective but this time with money invested in that you regret pulling earlier better heroes may be added later with no improved odds to get them.

So now with 3* and 4* heroes coming in batches in Season 3 what would be your best strategy if you’re F2P or C2P or even a whale – well frankly what appears to be the best strategy is to save as much of whatever Asgardian Coins you pick up and not pull until all the heroes have been released (which could very well be half a year from Season 3’s beginning) and only then at gates where one of the featured 5* heroes is one you fancy in case you really get lucky. If you pull any sooner especially as a F2P or C2P you risk depleting resources to chase an uber 4* or 3* released later.

So whilst it is too late for this former whale, the no featured boosted odds on Challenge Events triggered the chain of events leading towards departure I put all this out there as holding back 3* and 4* Season 3 heroes puts a great deal of the player base in the position of either having to abstain from all the heroes for an agonisingly long time or pull sooner and potentially face puller’s remorse later. I mean we already know that Fura that looks like has been pulled back to a later batch is much better than Stonecleave – fancy gambling the next batch of 4* won’t be even better than these…


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