When will Hel be featured again?

I waited for Hel, can anyone tell me which event Hel will be at?

You’d have to wait for her to be featured in Atlantis but going forward there’s no timetable for when that might happen again.

There is some speculation that SG might add more ways to get former HOTM (like from hero academy or adding them to tc20) but we’ll have to wait and see for now.


Yeah, unfortunately the only HOTMs in the Atlantis Rotation this year are from 2018 and 2019. Didn’t Hel pre-date 2018?

Welcome to the fourm

Can’t see hel on that list have ad few beers​:+1::beer::hotdog:

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Anyone else seeing the glitch? @zephyr1

I checked that spreadsheet, and I didn’t see Hel in the rotation.

She was June 2017 HOTM. Now that the new year has started, are 2017 past HOTMs to be taken out of the rotation?

I know I pulled Thoth-Amun from Atlantis late last year, as well, and I don’t see him on the list either.

Every HOTM since 2017

I commented about that here:


voldsrike is posting what I put this what I’m seeing :woman_shrugging:

Just like zephyr1 said.

Current pattern is like this:
If you see in the leff column Past HOTM, that means a goodbye sign. So, in March 2020 Aeron is his last appearance.

Normally all Past HOTM will appear 2x times.
Hel apperance already 3x times: August 2018, March 2019 and May 2019.

But will it be goodbye forever? Maybe not. SG devs could devise a way to bring these heroes back later. Will be interesting. TC draw seems popular, but I feel too easy. Just another SG surprise waiting to happen, I suppose.

In the meantime, let us remember Hel fondly…

Yes, it is just the pattern of guessing so far…

It is based on guessing… so no one know except SG staff, they will decide whatever they want.
And 1% based on feedback :sunglasses: :handshake:

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They come round again in 11 months by the look of it (Neith was last November and is due to reappear next October). So the pattern isn’t sustainable, or eventually you’ll have a HOTM making its Atlantis return only a month after it was first released…

It is sustainable so far.
Neith 1st appear in Atlantis is October 2020, then 2nd appear (good bye sign) in October 2021.
Grimble 1st appear in Atlantis is November 2020, then 2nd appear (good bye sign) in November 2021.

O right. So the second and third appearances are 12 months apart, not 11. But still, aren’t we going to get closer and closer to future HOTMs? Or is my non-mathematical brain just confuddled as usual?

It is mathematical continued based.
So after Neith is Grimble, Vela, etc…
And before Neith is Kingston, Grazul, Miki, etc…

I did see the sequence, but was thrown by the first Atlantis appearance being 11 months after the initial release. I thought if they keep bringing each one back in less than a year, sooner or later they’ll disappear up their own… portal. But I think I get it now. Probably. And thanks for explaining.

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Season 3 summon will not bring her back?


Season 3 Summons portal didn’t (and from relase notes doesn’t) feature a returning Hero of the Month.

This looks to be a feature UNIQUE (based on current information) to the Season 2 Portal (Atlantis Portal). This portal is now open on the 1st Friday of each month :slight_smile:

I guess they intend to keep player spend money for both sets and we summon events

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