🧪 Early Information on New League of Villains Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

Turn 1 : deals 88 Burn damage , -10% defense
Turn 2 : deals 88 Burn damage , -20% defense
Turn 3 : deals 88 Burn damage , -30% defense

Do I understand right ?

Is this Burn damage as same as normal burn (Kingston can resist.) ?

Sanngrior is simply blue Kashhrek.

In the recent update from SG regarding Version 35, they stated the following for the villians:

"League of Villains heroes receive new bonuses when used in the League of Villains Event:

  • Stat Bonus
  • Bypass Element Shields"

For the stat bonus, are they actually admitting to the obvious power creep these heroes have (yes it has been adjusted and pulled back a bit but still there) or is there something I’m missing?

Nevermind, I see in the challenge event thread it mentions an additional 20% bonus to their stats in the challenge event

Not sure if it’s been mentioned or not, but what is the reflective shields for this event? i assume it’s purple?


Also correct.

Its in the League of Villains Challenge Event Beta Thread. Check the OP for a link.


As I recall if Kingston resist the burn damage, then it will not get the defense down either.
And if there is another hero, which resist defense down, then it will not get burn damage either.

So these corrosive damage + atttack/defense/mana generation down is working in bundles.
So both will applied or none of them.


I want Toxicandara from now and no matter how much she changes, I hope she not run from me like Ursena. I could not get her as much as being disappointed to even summon for her :slight_smile:

New event will be attractive. Thanks

No doubt, Zynga is changing heroes so those first players and their heroes are obsolete. Pay more to update. Piggy bank.

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toxicandra the one and only fast healer and cleanse , really worth to chase …the question is just how much u might wanna spend to get her? …i only expect miracle to get her for being c2p…

Saving mats just in case, although I know I’d have a better chance at having money rain from the sky than to expect any of these to land on me.

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Is Asterius the first 5* red defense down hero? I was thinking he’d be good for titans but with his skill only being max at 30% for one turn, I think Wilbur will not be replaced yet

How does everyone else feel on these corrosive effects? I liked the initial thought and that it can stack but now that I think about their full effect only comes at the last turn and only lasts a turn before ending. It seems Toxicandra is the crown jewel of the heroes

There’s at least Santa

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Oh yes, I knew there had to be one. I have Santa at 3/70, that slow skill isn’t one I find worth fully ascending but maybe I should since these 5* red heroes maybe have nice stats but their skills are just okay. Asterius > Isrod though

So, who do you think are the best heroes from this event?

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