🧪 Early Information on New League of Villains Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

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Beta Update

Some additional balance changes to:

  • Dark Lord
    • Corrosive Poison mana generation reduction per turn reduced from -12% to -9%.
  • Asterius
    • Corrosive Burn defense reduction per turn reduced from -14% to -10%.
  • Crystalis
    • Corrosive Frost attack reduction per turn reduced from -8% to -7%.
  • Isrod
    • Direct damage increased from 210% to 225%.

OP updated to reflect these changes


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Good thing I can now reply to this thread, those changes are welcome…on a good look at Karnov I can see that the dev are now taking good consideration between previously released heroes and the new, elemental mana slow will dissuade an exploit of potential strong synergy between Karnov and the likes of Odin…etc.

I just realized Karnov’s new skill is -24% mana for holy allies, at first I thought it was holy enemies. Not sure how I like when allies give status ailments to other allies. I only feel that’s worth it if the caster’s skill is powerful and the ailment is used as a small deterrent/pullback.

I don’t have heroes with that tile enhancement skill other than the 4* ice hero and I wasn’t impressed with him. Maybe other people with more experience with these hero types find this skill useful. I’m just not sure if a slow hero with these skills is worth a status ailment to holy allies but I may be wrong

Oh I noticed that now too. Is it a mistake? I can’t see any advantage this would have on your team

It’s also very strange for villains to be clerics and paladins, since the title for some of the classes are just heroic and generally good

Cleric- warrior of divine faith
Paladin- bringer of divine justice
Druid- protector of the sacred forest
Monk- way of the open palm

Not villainous classes

Sorcerers, rogues, barbarians and even fighters would fit into the villain role better


No mistake. I double & triple checked it.

It’s like the Bunnies (Springvale).


I guess in a titan format it doesn’t matter. Makes no sense anyways, like why only allies, it should be all holy heroes being affected by this. This is a really strange way to balance a hero and it brings nothing to add strategy.

Meh. There are evil gods.
There are fallen paladins.
Druids that feel the best way to protect is by destroying interlopers.
And there’s certainly villainous martial arts masters.

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@Guvnor do you think his skill is worth a status ailment to holy allies? I don’t think so but I’m not to familiar with the tile enchantments (never got the green Ratatoskr)

Like I said I have a feeling no since he’s slow but he does deal 290% to all and has an almost identical attack stat to Killhare (who deals 300% damage to all at average speed with all other allies getting an undispellable -20% defense) and she’s good

Maybe he’s just good for titans, I wish he instead was an attack booster for dark like the other colors have with Miki, Tarlak, Giselle, only fire and dark don’t have those hero types yet


Don’t underestimate the power of boosted shields. It’s a tile specific attack boost that doesn’t expire for the impacted tiles. He is built for a dark stack with elemental and/ or regular defense down.

Strong attack, and boosted shields means played well he will be a monster. Also, because the tiles are boosted if you have an attack boost on hero as well it will stack with the tiles…

It would be hilarious for any guardian chameleon owner to colour change karnov, only for him to fire and debuff himself

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New update from Beta about the Event heroes:

  • Dark Lord
    Direct damage increased from 360% to 390%.
  • Crystalis
    Direct damage increased back to 150%.

I think they’re better now and sounds like good adds to the game, without breaking anything. Toxicandra is still kinda too powerful, tho. The artwork is overall very good.

I am reading through the stats of these villain heroes, and they all seem to be toned down now. I just find it funny that Skrekok’s defence is so high - higher than many squishy 5* heroes! Of course, they balanced it by making his HP low. :laughing:


He is rogue though, and rogues can be emblemed with full hp and defence path. So he’s still incredibly tanky

Hahah, I just recognized a 3* Villan hero had 800 defense before nerf and is just bellow 800 currently!

Nothing out of ordinary i guess, lets all move on :slight_smile:

His health is useless though…

Really isn’t anything to see here :joy:

You put emblems into HP and defense and your 3* hero has over 900 defense :smiley:

Then you bring Grevle along for hp boost :smiley:

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