🧪 Early Information on Additional Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

@Guvnor 3 days and no Update in beta? Whats Happening in beta rite now?

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They probably stopped updating us because everyone gets angry. If we let them do their testing peacefully we will be updated soon enough

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Beta tester’s opinions is not very different from what is happening here :slight_smile:


We need a little fresh blood to fight the Telly monster!

How many millions do we have to throw in SG’s throat to get some useful new vanilla heroes??

More than three years E&P and not a single new hero for TC20…some new blood for the community will weaken the bitterness of the disastrous balance management.


S1 heroes is just a base. If you want more - you must make summons. It’s main idea of this game. I do not think what they will change it

Delete Horghall, Justice, Khagan, Thorn and Quintus if you need a smaller base for additional heros :wink:

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It’s not about availble free slots or quantity. SGG just no need to do it.
And I think that many will not agree with the removal of these heroes from the game :wink:

Oh no. SG needs to do that now more than ever to grant a little satisfaction these times!

More easy delete Telluria

100% correct! All they are doing is making Vela worse in all aspects of the game, and everyone who has Tell, will just use a different, amazing blue hero. I am running Vela instead of Finley currently. After Vela becomes trash, I will just run Finley instead, and my team will probably be just as painful to play against as before. Leave Vela as is, but change her color, or increased damage to green instead of red. Problem solved, and Vela is still great in other aspects of the game, but not OP paired with Tell.


I’d prefer fighting Finley on the flank rather than the wing. Not nearly as threatening.

Anyone else just want them to decide already so that we can stop having the discussion?

I have both heroes. I’m no longer running a Vellymaker raid defense. I’m incredibly tired of raiding The same teams over and over, and warring the same teams 12x per week. I support a change but they’re not going to listen to our suggestions for how to implement it.

So, I just want them to do what they’re going to do so that we can all move on.

(Yeah, yeah… I know that I don’t need to read the thread. I’m here to see if there’s a final version confirmed.)


I agree I’m sitting in limbo wondering what will happen to my beautiful Vela. ATM I don’t have a suitable replacement that doesn’t conflict with emblems already on my defense. I’d like to
Know so I can try and make changes

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Really? High damage, after Ursena cast First time, there are no time for your 3 yellows against Vela/GM next wave.

I would like to see a vídeo where how easy you use a 3/2 yellow/BLUE (Classic Heroes) to win this fight after She fire first without good start board.

Ursena is not rare imo. By the way, Rare heroes that few players have access to, do not bring variety, the name of this in my language is to have exclusivity.

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Ursena is not rare :joy: :joy: good joke mate you got me there :rofl:


He is fully right on his claim. Compared to Telluria, Ursena is rare.


Really. It’s my regular command vs Ursena with VERY high win rate - 3 yellow + 2 blue. It’s not theory.

If simple in this game there are 3 types of heroes - regular (S1), rare (S2 + S3 + events) and HoTM. Ursena is rare. For 2 years I have ALL S1 heroes, 4 rare and 14 HoTM


Me. I don’t participate, but occasionally come to see what’s going on. I have that thought for a while now… While I appreciate very much some infos that are coming from beta… In case of this and previous rebalancing of Telluria and Vela, those infos contributed to the general level of madness in the forum. One could feel it with every itteration. Maybe… Just maybe, some things should be done in silence. Followed by the reasonable explanation why it’s done what is done.

Oh my god, again? Are you kidding me! How annoying you are with your endless nerfs. Better to buff a bunch of useless heroes that no one uses because of their worthlessness, and then talk about balance.
They make Noor, worthless and slow, and Raphael, who gracefully dies before he can heal. Who needs slow heroes anyway?
Power up and speed up the useless, don’t disfigure the normal.


Ares is close -

  • attack buff
  • tanky
  • big HoT

Could be tweaked… feels like he needs a little something

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