🧪 Early Information on Additional Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

Agreed. Change Vela to average speed - then these changes make sense.


Well, this is a good day for Vela owner who do not own Telly or any other green tank like me.


Let’s remember this is still subject to change. Remember the first changes went to a V5 with different suggestions/proposals of changes. As the thread stats this is likely to change or at least not the final version.

I can’t believe they’ve buffed Vela. She is by far the toughest hero for me to deal with and I don’t even attack with red/fire heroes.

I really, really hope this doesn’t stick.


Because it is not by position.

That index is basically show which hero flank Telly better.


People are going to lose their minds over this again but I’m not sure what difference the 15% reduction in attack is going to do to Telly… might have been better to leave her as is to avoid uproar.

Vela change is more significant and makes her a bit more useful in general offence and a bit less useful in defence / titans as an anti red stack but it’s still very strong.

Basically makes her better in a vacuum but the synergy is less strong with a green tank. Seems like a fair compromise


And for whole GTV, i cant find any sense in that.
Only ppl without Vela in their setup will get hurt here.
I mean, who is suffering only to Telluria these days?
Sure, Telly still top tank, but can be beaten.
But that silly GTV is what makes this game dull and boring reroll lottery.

I hope we will find some common sense before this will go alive, its madness.

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To be really honest, I am at a loss. This wasn’t required in my opinion. We are going to have the whole toxic debate again with 100s of posts.
Rather than play havoc with these two 5* heroes, why not focus on the buff that really is required for S1 Five star heroes like Horghall, Thorne, Khagan etc.


This is actually breaking the synergy somewhat. Add I mentioned in my comment above, in a vacuum, it’s a buff but on a defence team flanking a green tank, it means red stacks aren’t punished a ridiculous amount so a fair compromise.

Beta will provide feedback anyway so this is just a first test but seems worth sg trying out


Dan I’d agree if that made a large difference, mana Troops have really messed up the speed balance in the game.

The issue is that vela is just too radically strong.

If you can’t cleanse her water damage she essentially does killhare level damage with no negative effect, and reduces attack, oh and she’s fast mana…still not enough throw in an elemental link! Make her a Druid for added survivability!

Like vela is wayyy too strong. Her flanking Telly has always been the problem with Telly. Always.


I don’t have Telluria but I have Vela. Even if had both or none I would still think the same. Any nerf to any non S1 hero is an injustice for all the people who is spending money on the game.


True, but again emblems are BIG part of that. They were not part of the game before when Guin tanks reigned supreme for 2 years… something to consider at least.


Basically, it will make it easier to raid (G)TV defenses with red heroes, but more difficult to war against such defenses. I don’t really care about raids, though, and care more about wars.


Just what i want to say​:joy::joy::joy:

I’m just done. This is unacceptable. The game lost thousands of devoted players when they nerfed Telluria and Vela the first time. Now they will lose thousands again. They never actually fix ANYTHING! They just make it worse. So ■■■■ it. I AM DONE WITH THE GAME IF THIS HAPPENS!


Six months later we’re still doing this



Cannot believe it. So they buff Vela, one of the most used HOTM, and part of the G-T-V best def.
In the meantime, neith is the HOTM that most people wants to buff (according to votes) and Noor is literally seen as the worst HOTM of all time when she was supposed to help battle G-T-V. Of courses none of those heroes get rebalanced … SG staff please


Really. Instead change Telluria to -51% mana gen for 1 turn and improve either her minions or heal over time. Make her more interesting on both offense and defense. For the Vela change, it looks like they’re really trying to force players to bring red against TV. Vela will still be the best war flank. Only a few months until they try to sell her again in Atlantis.

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SGG I have read thousands of posts on this topic, and spoken with soo many other players. Can you please try any of the following balance fixes.

For telluria: remove all of her damage. Buff her minions to 20% health Remove the attack from these minions, her heal to 500, and her -mana gen to 34%. Super defensive tank, no damage pressure at all.

Put telluria and vela in their original versions(keep velas extra damage to reds where it is now, but don’t mess with the rest of her card at all). Then make Telluria blue.

If telluria goes blue players can easily bring green to deal with her and vela(I know opposing players will still have gm on defense, but he hits 3 most of the time but often hits 2, much easier to deal with then hitting everyone). If players were still seriously concerned about gm they could run blue and be fine.

If changing the color is for some reason out of the question; Then please try buffing telluria back to her original card in beta, but remove vela from beta completely. Then do the same with leaving vela at full strength, but removing telluria completely.

What you will find very quickly is that vela is op in every situation without telluria, while telluria is good in her own right, but only made extremely strong when next to vela. Please test these things.


And will make it more problematic for every other setup than red setup.
Vela getting too superb imo.

Hope beta testing will help with this.