Thoughts On This as a War Defense?

From left to right

Guardian Kong - Damage to all + defense vs ice

Kashhrek - Heal all nearby, + defense vs fire

Boldtusk - Recover health, + attack for all

Kashhrek (yeah again!) Heal all nearby, + defense vs fire

Guardian Falcon - Damage to a target with minor for nearby, enemies get - defense vs fire attacks.

Would this be any good as a war defense do you think?

Looks nice, especially for the second round. But there’s always an enemy who kills you with one shot. So more important is your attacking power and how many points can you get.

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If you likeI would place Guardian Kong as your tank and Bold on the corner.


I would wreck that lineup with Grimm, Kiril and Sonya and any one of a number of other debuffers (melandor, sabina, etc).

I strongly recommend going down to 1 kashrek & only 2 red.


I feel it is too healer heavy, you don’t have any actual damage to wipe out the enemy team so they’ll just take you out one by one. Also makes it too easy to stack against with 3 red - 2 green.


Also… if the enemy takes out Guardians… they just have to ghost tiles and slam the healers with specials. Wait it out. I try to have no more than 2 of any one color in a defense lineup and definitely not 2,2,1. too easy to stack against.

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Do you feel 3 healers are too many? I’m always torn between using 2 or 3.

I find I target teams with only 2 healers and take them out quite easily. Three healers make me pause or avoid altogether.

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I feel like 3 healers used to be awesome back when arrows could actually kill you but not now. It depends on your healers too, are they pure healers or do they actually do something like add a buff or remove enemy buffs.

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Good point. I was recently FORCED by my husband into feeding away two of my 4 Kashreks. He finally convinced me they are useless on an attack team, especially when I have a Melendor I could feed them to.

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Kashrrek is the best 4* tank but you’ll eventually move past him anyways better to use resources on a decent 4* tank like Boldtusk or Rigard but you’ll still use them forever compared to Kashrrek.

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Thanks for the replies guys!

The other decent heroes I have are Grimm, nearly 4/70, Colen nearly 4/70, Little John 4/50, Danzaburo 2/50.

Melandor 2/10 too

Would Quintus 4/70 be any use for damage all?

The reason i chose the lineup in the OP was because Kong damages all 215% with +defense of ice, thought it’d be handy for the other red heroes if people stack blue, obviously blue is weak vs the two Kashhreks

Kashhrek twice because he only heals nearby but also boosts defense against fire, so in that placement all would be covered so again, good for people stacking reds.

Falcon reduces ememy resistance of other reds but does this effect work in defense as it’s not exactly using tiles? (he also does % damage vs one +two nearby, if there are any nearby)

And Boldtusk boosts attack for everyone aswell as heals all

I will say in our last war there was a defense team with two Kash in it. I considered hitting it but decided it was too risky. No one else bothered.

In raiding due to my team setup I look for Kash tanks to raid. That said, I would probably pass as it would be a pain to deal with.

I would probably move BT to a wing and use LJ for tank. With 3 healers He should hold up and get to fire his special.

LJ over Quintus?

I always find LJ dies pretty quickly. Quintus deals 270 damage to all enemies and is better all round.

Thoughts on a Quintus tank?

Point taken. Quintus isn’t a bad tank.

He’s stuck at 4/70 and I need loads of materials so he will probably be staying like that for a while!

Don’t use a 3-healer defense team on the attack boosts rounds. Simple reason -the boost is for attack and healers don’t have much (expections are Delilah and other minion ilk :smile:).

Attack rounds are my favorites as players forget to change their defenses. As soon as the board opens I’m looking for healer- heavy teams and taking them out with teams 400-600 power below them.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to change it based on the war buff given. Don’t just stick with 1 team as it might not work in your favor with every buff.

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I disagree with Kashrek being the best 4* tank. I feel Boril is with Kiril/Kashrek close second.

Quintus is a good tank if you do not have anyone else. He is literally worthless in any other role.