Dr. Moreau or Lepiota?

I pulled Dr. Moreau and Lepiota. I dont have Drake Fong and I have no other heroes that fit the role of those two.

I have plenty purple heroes: Ursena, Kunchen, Khiona, Costume Domitia, Seshat and Hel are fully leveled. Marie-Therese, Freya, Sartana are at 3 70. Alfrike, Dr. Moreau, Lepiota, Thoth-Amun, Quintus, Myztero are unleveled.

Who to level first? Dr. Moreau? Lepiota?

Thanks for your help.

Tough call. Would go probably with Dr. Moreau as he’s more versatile while Lepiota seems to be geared more towards offense. Also, while Dr. Moreau is more or less known since he’s essentially Drake, Lepiota is for now a big unknown as her special is kinda new, so levelling Dr. Moreau is less risky.

On the other hand if you’re not limited to those two, I think unleveled Alfrike is a heresy. Slow, sure, but in VF wars and tourneys she’s quite close to instant win button. Probably would level her after Dr. Moreau since she is also less versatile than him.


Thanks. Before the pulls I planned to level Alfrike. But now… I think you are right. Dr. Moreau is the safe bet.
Lepiota could be huge, but it is unclear how much impact she will have.

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Just comparing those two, I like Lepiota more.

But you have Hel, isn’t the end result a bit similar? I can read the differences but still there are similarities.

Just an input…

Happy gaming

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I don’t have any of the new S4 legendaries. But among your rich roster of purple 5*, I’d do Alfrike first (I have 24+ tabards in my inventory). She is not only a luxury hero (you have 6 maxed dark 5* already and I believe you can afford such luxury of leveling this hero) but a very good one. I have mine fully emblemed all swords path (I think I am the only one since the rest of the players are opting the shield>HP path) and she has been in my mono purple offense team both in wars and in raids, and tanking in very fast wars and raid tourneys (if allowed) supported at wings by Albe and Mother North.

But if you don’t want very slow Alfrike and only choose S4 heroes, I’d gun for the purple Drake as he can serve both in offense and defense. I still don’t understand the hype surrounding Lepiota. Yeah, she has so many skills bulletted, but I don’t find her that much fancy.

Just my thoughts.


Thanks for your inputs.

I’d vote for Dr. Moreau. I’ve been wrong on these judgements before, but I think he’s the one Frigg-level OP hero in Season 4. I don’t think he should be so powerful. He’s the one Season 4 hero that concerns me in this sense.

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Dr. Moreau has more utility, but much like Alfrike is a special hero, so is Lepiota. My Lepiota is almost maxed and already she’s super fun to play with. Ghosting several heroes per raid/war attack. Removing all buffs and eliminating a hero from the match for 4 moves is very valuable. However, I do think she has some use at 3/70, so that could also maybe make the difference.

Drake Fong (monk) - 727/712/1353, Fast, Deals 270% to target and nearby, target and nearby get -35% accuracy, Element Link gives all holy allies +5% attack and defense for 6 turns.

Dr. Moreau (paladin) - 774/751/1439, Fast, Deals 270% to target and nearby, target and nearby get -35% accuracy, Passive ability reduces damage from special skills

I dunno…on paper Dr. Moreau is better due to his higher stats. But I like Drake’s class better and he works better in a stack than the good Doctor. I can see someone preferring him over Drake, butI don’t think enough so that he is OP.

To the original poster, you have a nice group of dark hitters. Ursena (all) and three snipers. Maybe a Strike 3 like the Doctor would be a good addition. I’m more intrigued by Lepiota myself. Crazy unique heroes like that fascinate me. I’d vote for Lepiota.

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I also think Alfrike is the must do first of the bunch.
You instantly get a brutal boost for though bosses and very fast legendary tournaments.
She is also a good defender overall.

Both Dr. Mureau and Lepiota are amazing, with the doctor more all arounder and Lepiota on the strategic/fun side.

But Alfrike is literally a game changer just her alone on parts of the game.

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The major difference aside from stats is that the blind resets if they heal. That seems to make it a lot more powerful.


Bingo! That’s a huge little detail they snuck in. That could be troublesome especially if he’s on defense. You have to heal your team but risk the accuracy ailment getting reset. That will come in handy many times and will be super annoying to Raid/War against.

I think he’s my choice if you are looking for the Overall hero that will excel in all phases and types of gameplay. Alfrike is awesome for the niche Wars and Tourneys. And offense. The S4 hero is probably the most fun and new of the bunch. But as the poster said earlier you can use her at 3-70 to play around with abd get a hang of her special.

Either way…great problem to have! Good luck and Enjoy your new toys.

I happened to pull Phileas. He will be nice on Titans and adding some punch to my green team.

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Alfrike first. 20 chars

Good point! Should have mentioned that. Thanks!

Really good point. I will level first Dr. Moreau. Alfrike is just too niche. Thanks for all your help.

I prefere Alfrike for several reasons:

  • she is perfect for her stats and for her class
    -improve your way of moving tiles
    -increase your skill as a player
    -is a gamechanger

So I have a similar problem to the OP…except I have 2 Alfrike already maxed so She is not in the mix. I’m ready to max either Lepiota or Dr. Moreau…I already have a maxed and emblemed Thor and Drake so while blind is a very cool mechanic, I’m not wanting in that area. I think I may have just come to my own conclusion. :slight_smile:
Any thoughts?

Go for Leopita for variety in my opinion. You make most of the game.

Man, I envy you. If I happen to get another Alfrike, I will max her without batting an eyelash. I will strip my Onatel+20 so that I can also fully emblem the second one, this time on def>HP path.

Another vote for Alfrike.
She is broken in VF wars, still very good in regular wars, especially if you could boost mana with sif, mica, ariel, tox, alby miss, etc, and great on the map.

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