Dr. Moreau or Lepiota?

Hi, I have the same dilemma right now.
Moreau is surely more versatile than Lepiota, while Lepiota is maybe the funiest.
Currently, my maxed purple 5* are Guardian Panther +19, Jabberwock +20, Victor and Alfrike.

If I choose Moreau, he could become my new tank. I’m currently running with (from left wing to right wing) Crystalis +20, Queen of Hearts +20, Frigg +19, Gefjon +19, Jabberwock +20
In a setup including Moreau, that could be Gefjon - Frigg - Moreau - Crystalis - Jabberwock, or something similar (Jabberwock could be replaced by Phileas Fogg, I don’t know).

Both of them (Moreau and Lepiota) could get some emblems. I could strip them from Queen of Hearts if I decide to make Moreau my new tank, while Lepiota could only reach +6/7 (not a problem since this hero is made for attack). I think Guardian Panther + Moreau, in attack, can be quite devastating too.

So… what should I do ?

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