Tarlak or Ratataskor and Dr Moreau or Lepiota

I love reading the advice from all the great people on these forums. It seems like all the 4* ascension items have all gone away behind a paywall or special quests so final ascensions are so critical. The heading says it all as I want to level up a green healer for titans. Leaning towards Tarlak vs Ratataskor just because when it seems time to fire the squirrel there are minimal green tiles whereas for Tarlak you know what your gonna get.

Also got really lucky and got the Dr Moreau and Lepiota but can only ascend one. Leaning here to Doctor Moreau. Whatcha think?

Tarlak and Moreau are the two more versatile options

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As the great @JonahTheBard has said, Tarlak and Moreau are the better ones in your choices. You need to max Tarlak by reason that he has insane tile damage and is an attack booster (but still squishy when maxed but better than at 3/70) while Ratatoskr can already be serviceable at 3/70. Dr. Moreau is a purple Drake Fong with far better stats than the 2018 yellow HOTM counterpart and may serve both on offense and defense while Lepiota may be a fun hero to have ideal only on offense.


If you do not have Miki, then Tarlak 100%. Ratatoskr serves his niche purpose well enough when at 3.70, he doesn’t need that final ascension all that much. Tarlak will be used on titans everyday, Rat just on the blue ones. Math is obvious here.

Dr Moreau is much more straightfroward and ‘easy to use’ than Lepiota. Lepiota is a sophisticated choice if you are bored with the game, have all basic roles for purples covered and want something new and refreshing for gameplay. Dr Moreau is your good old & super effective hit 3 + blind. He’s much more reliable.


I agree with you. I am afraid that something worse could come to our beautiful earth. :lollipop:

5* average or better out and out healers are rare, if u have Miki I would defiantly do the Rat. With no Miki though Has to be Tarlak for titans

Thanks for all the input. I have Miki as he was my first 5* when I started the game. I use him on all titans except for blues where I now use Tarlak which is why I am torn on this question. Neither of them will ever make it into my defense team so it is purely for wars and titans.

Tarlak and Moreau, imo. Tarlak, basically you need an overall attack booster, and Moreau, is basically Drake, but a bit stronger and is Purple. Lepiota, is more of an attacker than a defender, and Rat, is useful on a mono green team, providing you have heroes like Tarlak, Evelyn/Phileas Fogg, and Chameleon

Tarlak has always proved useful in wars for me. That one green tile that knicks the wing when his special is active? Lianna followed by Peters, hitting twice as hard? Let’s not forget he has HoT and a huge ATK stat also. The squirrel heals and makes those green tiles hit harder as well, yet he doesn’t do much for the special skills of all the others.

I have Drake. Love him. He’s a workhorse, as will be Moreau. Blue collar work can be boring at times, but also satisfying. I wasn’t able to secure a Lepiota so I can only speak from this position - so many people are nutsy cuckoo over Elizabeth, but I believe the abysmal ghost mechanic will be more potent than fiends. Lidenbrock is an easy counter to Elizabeth. There will be more. Ghosting a hero out of the game for an eternity, as quickly as she can, is the ultimate control. Much better than a middling chance that someone might miss me… nope sorry, just leave the board for minute, I’ll deal with you later.

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Thanks for the input. I am leaning towards Tarlak for the attack boost and his crazy attack stat. I prefer the squirrels immediate health boost instead of doling out health over 4 turns which leaves you vulnerable to a death before you get all your health.

I probably should have stated earlier that for dark heroes I currently have fully leveled Onyx and GUardian Panther who work super awesome together. Moreau would work great there as well but too much of a good thing? Lepiotas special is so different I think it is being overlooked for how versatile and effective she can be. You can shut down any hero you want (monks the one exception who can block the effect) regardless of how much extra health or buffs they have. The more I play with them the more I am leaning towards Lepiota

I have to say look further into Lepiota since she can be a game changer by taking out the strongest opponent for 4 turns allowing you to build up to hammer them into oblivion. Check out YouTube vids with her in there and you will quickly discover what I mean. Take for example C. Kad or BK are someone that most will re-roll but Lepiota will change that philosophy once you learn to use her.

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