Next purple to max

I have a lot of ascension materials for other colors but only enough to max one purple right now. I’m waiting for the circus and the rest of season 4 before maxing some of the other colors, but I’m not terribly keen on any of the new purples coming along. If there’s one that looks better than what I have, let me know

Here’s the current maxed purples

Here’s the candidates to max next

I have some others, but nothing that does anything for me

I’d do Lepiota or Malicna. Lepiota because she can totally shut down a hero by ghosting them and that huge. Malicina for the stacking purples and the elemental link. Dark Lord is better than Mal, but she might give better synergy.


Thanks mate. I think I’m leaning towards Lepiota. I don’t see any better purple hero coming down the pipe any time soon. By the time one does come around, I should enough tabbards to max it out

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She is unique for sure. And as deep as your roster is, shutting an enemy down stone cold is priceless.

15 purple heroes maxed alone!!! That’s crazy! How’s you get the mats? That’s 90 Tabbards, 15 tomes, 15 d blades just for purple.

I had to check my own and have only 7 purple maxed with enough Tabbards for almost 2 more. I have been playing for 3 years and am almost always the A+ score on 10-12* titans. Your Tabbard acquisition rate is astounding. Congrats!

As for the question: Lepiota for sure. You are covered with purple heroes and Lepiota will be a fun one to add.

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I agreed with the rest, Lepiota
She’s unique and standout among the rest.

Another vote for Lepiota!

Done. I had enough emblems to get her to +14 which is where I usually stop with the heroes I don’t use on defense. I just went on a raid orgy and beat a couple of top 100 teams. So useful against taunt heroes. Also useful when she’s powered up and an enemy is about to fire. Takes a hero out for 4 turns and makes a gap to ghost tiles and charge other heroes or get rid of off color tiles.

I highly recommend her. I ain’t mad at the decision to max her right now.


I’ve been using alchemy lab since it started. It’s very useful. I usually use it when I have more Damascus blades than tomes, or the other way around. It yields something more useful and also gives you the chance to combine the alkashards and either get 30 emblems or occasionally another 4* ascension material.

Also, we kill 14* titans and that gives a better chance at getting more ascension materials. Although, lately, it’s been a bit stingy. But I have had a couple of runs of up to 4 titans in a row giving 4* ascension materials.

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Here’s the stats at +14. Pretty damn solid. Even better stats than some of the older heroes at +20

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