Domitia or Toth-Amun?

I already decided to max my only dark five star hero, Toth (3/70) but finished Gafar first. He was done today so naturally I pulled another 5* dark hero, Domitia. I have tabards ready for the dark one. Do you think I should give those to Thot or Domitia?

My other 5 stars are 2xOnatel, Misandra, Anzgoh, Kadilen, 2xMargaret and Magni who also jumped in today.

To be frank, Thoth is considered as the worst HotM of all time and not only by me. Dom on the other hand got couple buffs since her original form and I’d definitely max her first.


Toth is disappointing. I’d go with Domitia. She’s the only classic 5* dispeller.


Of those two, Domitia

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It doesn’t look like you have a 5* dispeller leveled up in that list, so I would go with Domitia.

Thoth’s minion is more valuable in the wing on defense. On offense it’s meh. Definitely not as useful as a dispel, which helps in many more situations on raid offense, wars, and map levels.

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Domi for sure. I wouldn’t waste mats on Thoth

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Domitia was my first 5 star dark hero. I maxed her and emblemed her to increase defense and health since we use purple tanks in war. Even when currently blessed with more desirable 5 star dark heroes (2nd Dom from TC20, Kageburado and Seshat from Atlantis portal, and Sartana from TC20, in that sequence) after 5-6 months of waiting and failed summoning, I still place her in high regards especially when she was buffed in Version 20. Though not as damaging as Sartana, she has the higher tile damage that it’s far useful against holy titans, not to mention her added skills of dispelling and the defense buff against holy attacks. What’s more, she is a Rogue. Emblem her and you will find yourself smiling on the dodges she will do for you in future attacks in wars, raids, events, map conquests and against titans.

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sole reason i would pick Toth if i got maxed Panther , Toth + Panther combo are good just like Evelyn+Elkanen , they could be your alternative Offense Lineup in AW. if no Phanter then 100% Domitia

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It seems to me that poor Thot gets no love at all (he is a bit meh, I have used him 3/70 when raiding, but outside that task he is quite useless). Domitia it is then, her dispel is nice bonus. She is replacing Sabina so I still have dispeller in my def team.

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