2nd Sartana or Thoth

…or even Domitia.

Who should got to 4th tier? 2ns Sartana, Toth or Domitia.

I am tending to Sartana, 2 fast hitters flanking Joon or Vivica is always good. On the other hand, Toth’s minions kepp him alive - but his attack is a joke.
Domtia is great against titans, but that’s it. (Side info: have mana troops at lvl 22, so in a couple of days (months) domitia will be fast too).

So, dear forum friends - who deserves my tabards?

Toth isn’t worth it, from my point of view, but Domitian might be a better choice…of course a second Sartana would grant you a strong Def Team, but in Raid attacks, a Domitia would probably be better. If you double up purple with Sartana and Domitia you have a strong hitter and the possibility to debuff three enemy heroes, which is quite useful if you meet a team with Vivica for example. But even if you don’t double up, Domitia is nice to have…I am thinking about Aegir for example. In the end, you won’t make a mistake anyway, no matter if you choose to go for a second Sartana or for Domitia. Just don’t level up Toth and you will probably be happy :smiley:
My choice would be Domitia

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I like Sartana with Domitia against yellow titans and yellow tanks. The dispel is nice, and the elemental defense sweetens the deal. Go with Domitia first.


I love using Domitia in raids, so I’d go with her if only because you are acquiring a new flexible resource with a different skill (dispel) than another Sartana, plenty of fast killers out there.


Sartana worth it for war raids and titans
You can use of 2nd Sartana in war buddy.
2 teams with Sartana can be a good deal. And double Sartana s in raids are deadly.


If you had 0 purple 5* heroes ascended then the order would go sartana, domitia, 2nd sartana, thoth (based on what you have now).


I agree with what seems to be the consensus, to go with Domitia. Debuffers are not all that common among 5*, and Domitia is one of them. This at times can be an important factor.

Also I agree with @Eddard also on the order of priority, would do it exactly the same way.



There are two events and Atlantis will be open for summonses in a few weeks. If you look at all the possible draws, you can see that building resources to level your next hero is a good use of time.

Just because you have a skinny bird in the hand does not mean you have to cook it now.

Are 2nd Sart, Dom and Thoth at 3/70? You may want to hold on the Tabards. The Halloween event may give you a very promising and very fast 5* Purple.

I decided for now to wait at least for Halloween.

Personally still prefer Sartana, but will think about Domitia too (unfortunately, she is 1-1).