Is it worth maxing Domitia?

I already have Sartana +3, Cyprian +20, Sabina +19, Tibertus +19, and Gafar +6, as well as a maxed Rigard. My other snipers: Leonidas is at 4/21 and Marjana is at 3/70, waiting for 2 more rings.

I’ll get my 6th tabard von Morlovia today. Is it worth it to max Domitia or should I wait and see if I get more interesting dark heroes from the next AR or seasonal summons? I’ll have enough gems for a 10 pull by then.

I find Domitia a worthy hero of the mats. Especially since she debuffs along with her formidable dmg. I have 2 of her (1@4/80 w 9 nodes of talent + 1@4/80 w 3 nodes of talent). She & Sartana were my Faves until I got Kageborado. He is a hero of another level.
Good Luck, hope you enjoy her talents.

IMHO, if you save gems to do a 10-pull, you are likely F2P or Very C2P. In such a case, I do recommend maxing her. I think she’s the second best vanilla 5-star purple after Sartana, and given your lineup, she will do well on your mono black team.

It’s very unlikely you will get a 5 star from a single 10-pull (The chances are less than 3% including the HOTM), not to mention you have no guarantee of one being purple.


Domitia is a solid hero. A poor/ unlucky man’s Seshat these days

One thing to bear in mind is Clarissa coming up as the HotM in May. She is a Purple Paladin copy of Gravemaker :slight_smile:


The short and easy answer would be yes, any 5* hero is valuable for your current roster. But at what ascension and level is Domitia? If it is gonna take you a month or so to level her to 3/70, then you are able to decide after pulls. Good luck with those

Have a look here for further discussion


Sorry, neglected to mention that she’s been at 3/70 for a while. I can ascend her to 4/1 as soon as I finish Morlovia.

@JonahTheBard: Thanks for the link - I searched for Domitia, but didn’t find that thread. Please feel free to merge if you think it’s appropriate.

You’re welcome to have one specific to your own roster, but there’s just a good range of opinions on there :slightly_smiling_face:

Flag your post if you make a decision and we’ll close this one :+1:

In my honest opinion, yes - Domitia is worth taking to max and putting emblems on her. I certainly wasn’t disappointed with my Domitia +7.
However, in your current position, I would probably wait two or three months to see if you get a more interesting 5 start dark from a pull
Good luck

I love Domi! I use her alongside Seshat in my purple team. The combination of dispel and yellow defense is awesome

I am a f2p myself, so I definitely think Domitia is worth maxing. I have one maxed and talent at +1. She is a powerful member of my mono purple team.

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@Chodaboy if it takes you a long time to get tabards, then don’t ascend Dom.

I’ve left Marjana at 3/70 for over a year. When I was lower level, she was still serviceable in events wars and vs titans. Based on your roster, Dom has probably been serviceable for you.

Odds are slim at pulling HOTM but in May, you have a chance to pull a purple GM. Definitely wait.

FWIW, I’ve pulled every Hotm since Zim with tokens, sometimes several. Only one I couldn’t pull with tokens were Kunchen and Miki, they came from regular gem pulls but all the others, I’ve been able to get.

Getting even one HotM in a year with tokens is such a low probability, nobody should rely on that. Congrats on your amazing, amazing luck though

The luck on hotm is great but I feel like I pay for it in my poor luck on coin pulls and on mat drops.

I pulled 4 Tells all on single coin or token pulls this month.

You are so lucky man, congrats! Will borrow you a Telly :grin:
Back on topic, TC20 dropped Domitia last week.With a Rigard+14, would you lvl Domitia or costume Rigard first? :thinking: I use Rigard on defense so probably will be him but will like to hear thoughs about. I lack purple snipers.

Definitely the costume first, only takes a few days maximum, and makes Rigard 9 tile charge with just a low level mana troop. The costumed version is also very very handy


Got lvl11 Mana troop, so time to lvl that costume , thanks! :wink:

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