Does the Healing Bonus affect skills that give % health?

Does the Healing Bonus the troops give, or Healing Bonus the Talent Grid give affect how much you heal from healing skills that give % Health? Like the skills of Rigard, Melendor, Hawkmoon?

I just noticed that the costumed Hawkmoon give a certain amount of HP instead of % HP and I think I’ve been playing this game so wrong… facepalm emoji

Yes, it affects all sources of healing, but keep in mind that it’s relative to the amount of healing, not the total HP.

In other words, these things are totally different:

  • 10% Healing = heals for 10% of total HP
  • 10% Healing Bonus = heals for 10% of the amount of healing

So a 10% Healing Bonus applied to a 10% Healing would actually only increase the Healing by 1% of the HP.

For another example, if you have a 15% Healing Bonus from a Troop, and fire Rigard’s 42% Healing, the Hero with the Healing Bonus will get the equivalent of 48.3% Healing, NOT 57%.

So the 2% Healing Bonuses from the Talent Grid are pretty paltry — they’d only increase Rigard’s Healing from 46% to 47%, Kiril’s from 30% to 30.6%, and Costumed Hawkmoon’s from 459 HP to 468 HP, for instance.


Thank you.

Everything you told is EXACTLY how I have assumed it until that Hawkmoon costume confused me.

What do you think of troops that don’t give any healing bonus? I’ve always assumed they were kinda worse (unless you play with no healer)

There are two types of troops in the 4 star level - mana (with healing bonus) and critical (without healing bonus) troops. Players use the mana troops because at certain levels they decrease the amount of tiles required to charge a particular hero, and also because of the high attack boost. Critical troops are great for defense and in general survival because of the defense and health boost.

So both have their uses depending on the playstyles, the healing bonus is just a nice added bonus of using the mana troops rather than a being a primary reason. And since critical troops boost the HP of the hero, so in turn you heal for more amount as a percentage of the total HP. So both are good. :slight_smile:


A question for everyone: If a hero regenerates a certain amount of health, say 411 hp over 3 turns, do mana troops still increase that amount, or is it 411 hp regardless what type of troop I use?

Yup they do :slight_smile:

The “Healing Troops” (there is a 3* one too) affect any & all healing recieved. This includes:

  • Direct Heals
  • Heal over time
  • Health Stealing (e.g. Morgan Le Fey & Victor/ Valeria/Vlad)
  • Heal for Damage Dealt (e.g. Anzogh)

I DO NOT believe it affects the “Health Boost” abilities (like Heimdall) but if someone can add confirmation as I don’t own Heimdall

Ok cool… I’ve been playing for almost 3 yrs & for some reason I’ve never thought about it!! I know it’s a noob question… lol I’ve got Telluria as tank & the question FINALLY popped into my head because of her ss…

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