Elemental link + healing bonus from talents

Does 4% heal per turn from Zimkitha’s elemental link works with Healing Bonus talent ? If ill pick HB it will be 6% ler turn ??

It’ll be 2% of 4%, you would hardly notice any difference.

Look at this

Noticeable elemental links :upside_down_face:
Definitely a defeat…


…but how it is connected to my question…??

If its true then its worst thing u can ever make in empires … Maxing atomos would me more wddicient than this … Im 95% sure u are wrong but i need confirmation from someone before i waste reset button and like 3milion food and iron for nothing

They healed a lot from that due to their talents. Seemed to be more than it had been from elemental link only.

I just wanted to say that elemental links can be a great advantage, even if the percentage seems to be low.

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Mana troop lv30 increases healing effects by 20%
Her talent increase it by 2%
Together they would increase healing effects by 22%

If a skill would normally heal her by 500 she would be healed of 510 with a 2% bonus but her elemental link just heals 4%hp /turn so you would see a 58hp turned into 59hp /turn.

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If this sis true this is by far worst thing u can spent talents in whole game by super far

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Yes, this is discussed already. I also stop at a maximum of 18 talents, since the last two steps aren’t worth it. Maybe in a couple of years, if there will be no other talent options left.

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