Realm low health bonus and talent grid

Hi all,

Putting some monk emblems on Sumle, and second choice branch is atk plus either def or HP.

Now traditionally everyone says “def!! unless healer or maybe druid…”

But Sumle has a realm bonus which applies burning as long as they have low health. We know this is based on percentage, right? So would it make sense to choose HP over def? Higher his HP, more likely he will be in that range? Or simply the broader the range will be? I know his overall health will be higher so more damage needed to reach that point, so maybe no difference?

Brain doesn’t work as well as it used to lol, so looking for some insight from you smart folk!

And yes, maybe any tiny difference it makes for the tiny burn applied is not worth considering over defense… but just recently I had an enemy hero almost dead with 71 HP, the only tile I had to send up hit for 68… lost the raid cos of that tiny difference lol.

Cheers all!

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Yes the logic more-or-less lines up to me also… As it is Percentage Based, the more HP, the longer they are likely to be in that window.


Yay nice to hear someone as esteemed as Guv sees it the same as me!

Guess direct heals are % based too tho, so can just as easily get out of that zone. But more HoT, and for that matter more DoT (and Sumle is a bit weak in HP) so going Atk > HP route.

(Side note… Sumle has been fun this tournament… frustrating at times with some misses but nasty when he hits and battle is in late stage muahaha)


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