Does Rare Quest Change Really Address Community Concerns?

I want to create a separate thread from the scheduling vote to not hijack the discussion.

The recent announcement about changing the rare quest scheduling seems to me like it’s actually spinning a net loss that refies and institutionalize the underlying problem(s) that we have raised about them, rather than addressing them.

I believe the reason we have been upset about rare quests not happening consistently, specifically not occuring on certain weeks, is the LACK of opportunities for rare mats.

The SGG/Zygna/TT response is to formalize that we do not get rare quests 9 weeks a year–replacing them with the mirages. While it’s nice to have them the same day each week, that does nothing to improve our access to the mats. Why can’t we simply have a rare quest every week?

With alpha aethers and the exponential increase on portals/heroes, rare mats have become an even greater need. WE and flasks are no longer as much of a concern, so I don’t see why we can’t have rare quests the same day EVERY WEEK.


That’s what I thought first time I heard about this. It basically sais we’ll be missing a rare quest every fourth week.


Added a poll

  • I like the rare quest scheduling change and feels it addresses my concerns with rare quests.
  • I like the rare quest scheduling change but it does not address my concerns with rare quests.
  • I don’t like the rare quest scheduling change.
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And as @2puttshaqur noted: we are getting 48 now (minus overlapping challenge events), so 43 is an even greater reduction!

If I read the statement correctely we will get exactely we got on average during a year.

That probably means it’s a reduction from recent years…and before alpha aethers and the significant increase in heroes released, which means we need more mats.

Doesn’t that seem like a net loss to you?

Also, my reading of the complaints about the missing rare quests the past year was that we wanted more of them, not less. This change would mean less than recent years.

It has never been stated anywhere ever that Rare Quests are “supposed to” occur once a week. Yet here you are, spinning a narrative of deceitful robbery from a harmless, small-but-welcome quality of life change. Can’t you just write “I think we should get more free mats because I’d like more free mats” instead of peddling conspiracy theories based on imaginary facts?


Of course don’t. It’s simply their OBLIGATION to schedule things right. Letting us choose the day of the week is just a little extra.

They just want to be able to say “oh hey how kind we are and look what we are doing based on community feedback”.


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I won’t bother to respond to your lack of respect or courtesy, but I’ll respond to you question: I have not “pedd[led any] conspiracy theories,” I have simply questioned if the change has actually addressed the concerns that many (not just I) raised about quests not appearing during challenge weeks. I specifically created a new thread and poll so as to not detract from discussion about the QOL change (which I agree is an improvement). I don’t think the change has addressed my concerns, you are welcome to disagree and think that it has (use your vote!).

Why don’t you explain what “conspiracy theory” or imaginary facts I’ve mentioned?


The main issue was when a event happend pirates etc back in the day, folk didn’t want a rare quest to spawn during that event.
Fast forward to 2023 the calendar is quite packed as it is :confused:

Last year this topic was made, lately has made more traction as they been missing …

This is what folk are asking for

We are gaining a omega quest folk like these as well. Yeah want yah atheres …To me sounds like a fair deal . Everyone knows where everyone stands day of quests are sorted


Agree with the OP.

It’s the same old problem of people voting for apparently different things in the same vote which got them to suggest this change. Not sure if the vote for fixed days with the caveat that the rare quests will be skipped every 4 weeks would have gotten as much traction…

I voted for not skipping the quest in weeks with a challenge event and yes I would like more free or just-WE-and-time cost mats - who doesn’t?

Couldn’t care less if it’s a fixed day or not when I voted for this initiative.

If the votes stay as they are on Wednesdays, I would prefer it not be fixed. Seeing as many people have objections to one day or another and the event calendar rotation potentially changing at any time, I am not sure it’s a good thing at all tbh. Seems like at the end of the day we end up with LESS rare quests and not more


I think the biggest concern has been the number of rare mats, but folks do like when things are scheduled. I think this helps, but I don’t expect this to make folks too happy (especially if it gets scheduled on a day you don’t like).


It’s quite clear they’re removing the restriction?

As for your imaginary facts:

“The SGG/Zygna/TT response is to formalize that we do not get rare quests 9 weeks a year”

The number of rare quests we get per year was never set in stone, and whether or not we get a rare quest every week was also never set in stone. If you thought it was “supposed” to always happen once a week and Challenge Events were “robbing” them away, well, that’s just an imaginary fact. The only official piece of information we ever had regarding rare quests was Petri once upon a time mentioning that they were using a random interval system of sorts.

The announcement also says SGG is aware that we’ll get 4 less a year on average with the new schedule and they’ll add in an extra 4 every year so that the average will stay the same. What exactly is being “formalized” here, what is this “net loss” you speak of?

If you think we need more free mats than before, just go ahead and say that? More free mats would be nice. I’d like more free mats.

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Thanks for your clarification. I’ll just leave it there for everyone to judge for themselves whether you have actually presented, and/or I have posited, any “peddled conspiracy” or “imaginary facts” because:

  1. I said that with 43 rare quests per year, we do not get quests 9 weeks a year.
  2. I stated this announcement formalizes (make official/the standard procedure) the above.
  3. That it is my opinion (“seems to me”) that the change is actually spinning a net loss.
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I agree that if it’s going to be formalized, then do it ‘upwards’, ie take the opportunity to GIVE us something! Geeze I spend thousands on this game is it too big of an ask??
1 rare per week AND
1 omega per month
5 quests per month - who cares if they overlap???


Did we actually get that last year? Im going from September 2022 -2023
The master topic of when rare quest coming started was 43 rare quests spawned in that period ?

@Dyna49 and @2puttshaqur have more accurate figures, but they both seem to agree we had more than 43 last year, and 43 averages out more in recent years and fewer in prior years.


So the question is… are people willing to accept consistency over value? I think it sucks… but at any point in time SG could have change the cadence to be 43 per year… and we would just have to eat that new reality… but I don’t like that they are packaging it as some great gift to the e and p community.


Im only using that time line as that when the topic started, from me merging topics to that topic iv have done it quite alot over this year :joy:

It been a topic of discussion maybe not as hot as others, it always creeps back up iv noticed it more lately others have too …

I appreciate yah topic it good for discussion :green_heart::+1:


Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus! I definitely don’t want to make your job any more difficult than it already is!!!