Open letter to SG, re: “Rare Quest Day”

Fresh from Customer “Support”

Currently, Rare Quests and Mirages of Omega quests are randomly generated at semi-regular intervals according to certain rules and restrictions. Because of this, it needs to be aligned. This leads to a slight increase in the number of ascension materials that can be earned by completing these Quests.

(1) SG just admitted that there is no longer a need to “align” Rares to avoid Challenges — so why the sudden need to “align” Rares to avoid Omegas instead?

(2) According to player tracking over the last year (see, e.g. Does Rare Quest Change Really Address Community Concerns? ), the number of ascension mats will DECREASE under the new proposal (and the number of aethers unchanged), unless I’m missing something.

Presumably the number per year can only be construed as an increase if compared to an average that goes back conveniently far enough?

So what we are looking at is a new schedule touted as more regular, when it is scarcely more regular than the existing Rare mess (as there will still be “floating” unscheduled Rares), and touted as an increase for players when it in fact looks to be a decrease vs the last year or even two.