Does Rare Quest Change Really Address Community Concerns?

Hi! I’m BobTheSnark, and I would LIKE to feel like celebrating right now.

But… if this thread didn’t already exist, I’d be thinking about starting one. SG’s response strikes me as a very qualified victory, if one at all, for players.

Presumably, we will ACTUALLY get a regular Super Quest Day every week, which IS something that we actually asked for.

On the other hand…

  1. Does anyone actually know how many Rare quests we’ve had in the last year? I feel a bit bad that I haven’t kept an exact count over this last year, so it would be nice to compare that actual number to SG’s stated average of 43 over the “past few years” to see if we actually are even breaking even.

Given this statement:

I would really like to know.

  1. I actually was hoping for a (mild!) increase in the number of Rare ascension items (and I now feel bad that I apparently didn’t emphasize that enough!) and one consequence of this change is that we are very definitely and explicitly NOT getting an increase (in either Rares or Omegas), nor will we likely now ever, and that’s assuming that the “four floating bonus Rares” per year never “OOPS, hehe” slip.

I see no particular reason why we can’t have a Rare and an Omega in the same week; goodness knows enough OTHER events pile up simultaneously, much less in the same week, and I’m going to prioritize actual guaranteed hero advancement materials over “maybe earn a 1-pull” events quite easily, even if I felt like I have zero WE flasks to spare.

This. This is what I was asking for, and apparently I didn’t do nearly a good enough job in asking, or in emphasizing why.

If I understand SG’s statement, we will get exactly the average of the last several years – so if we’ve gotten any more than 43 in the last year, we are looking at a decrease, and if we have actually gotten 43, we are presumably now looking at a formalized upper limit with little to no hope of ever getting an increase.

Technically true, in terms of what SG has said, but also… somewhat misleading. Rare quests were “almost regular enough” that basically every community-based calendar would list the next Rare in the rotation every week, even though we all knew that sooner or later the hoary old “haha it’s a Challenge event week” excuse would (sometimes! but not always!) be invoked.

In point of fact, the “randomness” never actually seemed very random – it seemed very much like the Rare quest would spawn very nearly weekly, except that in the week or two before a Challenge event, the Rare would “just happen to” drift a little later in the week, so that on Challenge event week “OH NOES WE CAN’T HAVE THESE TWO AT THE SAME TIME HEHE.”

Whether or not that was actually deliberate, it certainly seemed to come off that way.

Except… we really aren’t gaining an Omega or even much regularity, if the Omega master thread’s accounting for 2023 is reliable – we have already been getting pretty regularly monthly Omegas, so that’s pretty much a wash (other than slightly formalizing Super Quest Day and tying Omegas to the Rare quest schedule).

Agreed. Now I feel like my advocacy came off too focused on “regular” and not enough on the “actually, we would like even a SLIGHT increase” part.

I have said it. Apparently, not nearly loud enough, but I have, and not “just” because “I would like more free mats” – I even reasoned why:

So let’s just be super clear:

what I was ACTUALLY asking for, i.e. 52 Rare quests per year, would have been AT BEST a 20% increase in ascension materials per year (and that’s assuming that SG’s number of 43/year is reasonably representative of last year and not just “the past few years”)…

Even if I had been agitating for TWO Rares per week (104 per year!), that would have been, again, AT BEST a 144% increase (compared to, again, SG’s number of 43/year)…

all while from 2019 to 2023 Q1, the rate of 5* hero release has undergone a 369% increase.

Even getting EVERYTHING I was actually pushing for would have been a very limited win. (Successfully winning a doubling of Rare quests, which sounds fantastic, would have still had players well behind the curve of hero release rate!)

Let’s be clear:

if we had a Rare quest every week, for 52/year, then every player who completed every Rare quest would be able to, by dint of in-game earning ascension mats, earn enough mats to be guaranteed ascending ONE 5* hero of each color.


By keeping the number below 48/year, it means we are not even guaranteed that, without sufficient luck from random drops, or, course, opening wallets just to fully ascend heroes (never mind emblems, LB, 2LB, and probably depressingly soon, 3LB).

So honestly? This “win”? Kinda tastes like ashes.

I’m sorry. I feel like I have failed.


I realize as I type this that the effort to do so is about as meaningful as trying to catch wind in a colander, but it seems to me that the “obvious” solution is to simply add a 4* ascension mat of the appropriate element to, let’s say, the 3rd stage of the Omega quests, and forget trying to implement otherwise easily forgotten manually scheduled tasks.


Some one give me the data year to year on this


OMG, that would be fantastic…

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I think @Dyna49 may have posted a log of last years quests in one of these topics, in response to @2puttshaqur.


You haven’t failed trust maybe i see it differently :woman_shrugging:

Omega quest aint every 4 weeks maybe 6 weeks folk want atheres too i see it as a ok compromise

Im saying this as a player not a mod

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Thanks so much @BobTheSnark both for your insights but also for your longstanding advocacy on this issue! I definitely agree with all your suggestions, even if the developers are unlikely to be receptive of them.

I absolutely don’t think you have failed at all: either in expressing clearly what the community (or at least the majority of forum users) would like to happen (that’s precisely why I am disappointed about this change, and the announcement) or your push for there to be more quests. Please keep fighting for us!!

Thank you so much again!


Actually, straight from the Omega master thread

Assuming this information is accurate, compared to existing 2023 Omega pace we are gaining pretty much exactly nothing in Omega frequency

I very much feel like I haven’t succeeded at all.

At best, it feels like we will have a slightly more regular schedule (albeit with we-hope-they-don’t-slip “bonus”-not-bonus Rare quests), in return for explicitly zero increase in mats or aethers (or, possibly, even a slight decrease compared to the last year of Rares?) which is now canonized for the indefinite future, compared to a huge explosion in the release rate of heroes.

Honestly… that’s gonna be hard for a little while. I’m feeling discouraged and depressed.


Why? You were clear on what you were advocating for. Devs did the dev thing and put in something they wanted us to have with their spin which allows them to monetize it even more by reducing the number of mats we get.

Devs are spinning up bull**** and I hope no one buys into it. I may not have the same point of view as you on some things, but you’ve nothing to be sorry for nor feel like you’ve failed. Devs failed because their greed drives them.


You got the powers that be to take a look at certain situation in the game .trust that very hard to do. Sure may not like the outcome. Is each to there own on the subject… Enjoy yah flowers yah deserve them


I think ascension materials don’t need to be any more common because it’s statistically impossible to run out of them unless you’re paying, and then that’s on you for paying the wrong proportion for heroes compared to mats. That’s a different game you’re playing, and you’re doing it wrong.

However, if rare quests came with some aether rewards, then that would be nice and I’d aprove the need for them to be more frequent.

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if you believe the arguments of some dedicated F2P players, around 300 pulls a year is certainly possible.

If pulling at portals with a total 1.6% of a 5*, that’s an average of about five expected 5*.

HotMs have a 1.3% rate, so that’s an average of about four expected HotM.

Fated Summon’s pity counter means about three more 5* (depending on whether you have exactly 300 total summons or a bit more).

If you’re running TC20 like crazy, that could mean either vanilla S1 5*, or maybe one low-end SE, but for the sake of current argument let’s not even count these.

Still, if all this is accurate, that could mean an average twelve 5* per year. Eventually, of course, some of those will be duplicates, especially of S1 heroes. Even if fully half of randomly pulled heroes are duplicates/vanilla S1s, and one only cares about ascending others, that’s still 4-5 randoms plus maybe 3 pity-counter heroes a year.

43 Rare quests a year aren’t enough to ascend one hero of each color per year. Being able to complete the free side of every PoV is 12 more mats, which should be enough to fully ascend one of each color.

…which probably means not quite enough to ascend even seven 5* per year, especially if they aren’t evenly distributed in color (though pity counter could help a bit with that).

So I wouldn’t say “statistically impossible to run out unless you’re paying,” given that you could well hit mat bottlenecks with average pulls, given dedicated F2P play.


These are my records. Just updated to include latest Blue Mirage.

It should be from the very first Mirage Quest.

The other bit in ( ) is to track the accompanying Mirage offer. It’s about 14 days apart.


When Rare Quests launched, with the inception of the game, they were spaced about every 8-10 days (?). I hadn’t started then. This is what I recall reading somewhere in the forum.

Taking 8 as the “preferred number”, that works out to about 45.6 rare quests annually. Zynga’s number is 43. How did they get that average of 43?

Records from Day 1 of this game or focusing only on last few (say 2-3) years when this game became busier ? I don’t think Zynga will ever explain how they arrived at 43.

Anyway, you are right in a way that players will still out a bit on both rare and mirage quests. Why lump these 2 quests together ?

Why can’t Zynga leave them separate and just formalise rare quests as weekly (guaranteed) and mirage quest running as is currently programmed?

This way players can plan on 52x 4AM annually. Whether those AM are needed or not, that is a question each player should answer for themselves. If it’s excess, just skip the quest. It’s that simple.

By formalising 39 (guaranteed) scheduled Rare Quests and 13 Mirage Quests, that allows Zynga leeway in releasing the remaining 4 Rare Quests at their discretion. Given the prevailing aura of distrust surrounding Zynga, that just means dedicated players who track such info, will add 1 more item to their list.

Zynga would have been able to polish their Developer Halo significantly by being generous FOR ONCE, and giving us players guaranteed 52x Rare Quests and 13x Mirage Quests.

The hit to their revenue is not likely to be significant given prevailing aura of restraint surrounding player base.

Give a little bit, Zynga, so that you may receive more. Takes 2 hands to clap.


Here’s my rebuttle… You don’t get asc mats in the same ratio… Or heroes in a 1:1:1:1:1 ratio… So these rare quests really do come in handy if you need one… And you know you’ll get one on a week or two.

I have now written an open letter to SG about the Rare quest change (and sent it to Customer “Support”, FWIW).

I guess I’m still a bit too silly to stop fighting on this one.

Starting to consider changing my forum name, though, e.g. BobQuixote


Having said that, if others feel as I do, maybe we should say so, here on the forums, or even using my open letter linked above as a template to send our concerns more directly to “Support.” (If SG gets enough of them…?)


Isn’t there a patron saint of hopeless causes… Or have i been watching too many movies.

So glad you’re back on the metaphorical horse @BobTheSnark! Better to be idealistic (and chivalrous) however impractical, than complacent (and whiny).

Hey Jude


Don’t make it bad.
Take a sad song
And make it better

:wink: So possibly applicable in more ways than one.

Of course, Quixote’s legacy is enduring enough that he’s spawned his own adjective, so….

Sometimes I wonder. If nothing else, how much time am I spending on this game, much less rabble-rousing online to try to influence a company to make what should be an extremely minor change?

Still, I suppose


You also get ascension mats from certain events, titans and mystic visions. So a dedicated F2P has a surplus of them. Source: I have at least 12 of each one and only 1 5* queued that’s really worth it, and 2 other that I consider passable.

This month I got 3 tabbards and one tonic fom MV, the double ads have been more rewarding than any event or adition since like 3 years ago.