[MASTER] - Is the rare Quest cancelled for this week?

Is the rare Quest cancelled for this week?
It’s almost Thursday & no sight of Morlovia. It was scheduled on Tuesday according to the calendar


Calendars are approximate and not guaranteed. Quests are random. It’s likely we won’t see it until Monday.


Does anyone have any clue why we didn’t get the rare quest this week?

everyone was busy with the ‘not-that-difficult’ new masquerade, I guess
but seriously, I wonder myself

Gargoyle event hppened.
Rare quests are postponed if they would overlap with challenge event.
We will see Morlovia probably on Monday.

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I think we lost one rare quest, postponed would be correct if we could get two quest on Monday… So instead getting Morlovia this week and Shiloh (or whatever quest was next) next Monday, we’ll get only one… :frowning:


Yes, looks like it’s postponed due to Gargoyles :frowning: @Petri is it possible to make up for this and push 2 rare quests next week?
Is it possible to set up a weekly schedule for these events, that they are here every Monday or Tuesday? You would avoid issues with events blocking rare quests.

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They cannot give the schedule for rare quest because quest schedule is random and picked by the game server. For rare quest, they shows up every 5 to 9 days with the exception that they cannot overlap challenge event. In which case they are postponed to right after the challenge event and the next one is also postponed as it has to be between 5 to 9 days after.

Follow the link in the previous post, there is a poll about removing that exception.

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I know how it works, but there were situations where SG pushed rare quests outside the schedule. Also, it is probably a matter of making some changes in the code to enable a rare quest every 7 days on Monday or Tuesday.

Yes they can still manually trigger a rare quest.
Yes they also can change the code to make it a fixed schedule like emblem quests.
However, the question is not whether they technically can do it, it’s whether they have the will to do it ie put this rework at the top of their (very busy) priority list.

yes and this is worst decision by players in first days to request that:(

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Normally the rare quest is mon/tues, since it’s thu are they just saying the lunar new year is in place of it or something? Maybe it’ll show up after the next refresh, but it just wouldn’t surprise me if SG reduced appearances, cuz it’s a free quest to complete and there’s no tempting portal with it.

I’m just so jaded w/ this game right now. Lets see how challenge festival pulls go…

Rare quests are random and generally come every 7 days. Sometimes it’s more than 7 days. They don’t show up during challenge events. SG doesn’t directly control them. They used to be less often and SG made them more often. Seasonal events do not displace rare quests. It should come Monday.

They do not come exactly every 7 days, they start afterthe quest that is active when the 7 day period ends is finished - so it is each time few hours (up to one day) later. And there is a rule, that rare quests do nt overlap with challenge events.
The last rare quest was on Tuesday/Wednesday, so current would not end before Challenge Festival started, so it was postponed and will start with the first free quest slot after the CF1 ends (so probably on Monday morning).

Yea I was curious about this. Even the calendar had it for this past Monday. I need that Tome

They’re too busy putting in paid content to keep pushing the button to activate the quests for free mats. They were late last week, missed this week… yet another slip up in the new norm of FUBAR

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Zynga could have fixed a rare quest for every Monday but they didn’t want to. Not because they couldn’t.

Gambling is infused into as many aspects of this game as possible.


The rare quests never were every 7 days. On average they are 9 days apart, usually less but with one large gap in the challenge event week. For some unclear reason during last year calendar makers stopped taking challenge quest into account when forecasting dates of rare quests.


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