Poll: Should Rare Quests spawn during Challenge Events?

Should Rare Quests spawn during Challenge Events?

  • No: keep the current strategy and do not let a rare quest spawn during a challenge event
  • Yes: let rare quests spawn whenever
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Is this restriction still relevant?

The current strategy means we don’t have to worry about wasting flags during challenge events on rare quests.

I could see value in letting the rare quests spawn whenever. We would get more total rare quests since they won’t ever get pushed back (it would be a minimal gain). Nowadays there are so many places to use flags that rare quests aren’t that much different than other quests and POV challenges.

What are the pros and cons of keeping or removing this restriction?

Edit: I summarized opinions so far in this post. One thing that came up in addition to the poll is the desire for a fixed day for rare quests.


Thank you for creating this poll @Ruskin505! :+1: Looking forward to your responses.


More frequent Rare Quests means more frequent AssMats. For me, the answer is obvious.


I wouldn’t mind it as I pick and choose what content I want to play and for events mainly just go for the completion rewards. So an extra guaranteed 4*am would be a good option for me.

Not sure if would be as acceptable to those who use every flag hinting for those extra few points.

Players would just have to rationalize what they care more for.


I find the present restriction fine. I hate seeing rare quests when I need my world energies somewhere else. I especially hate seeing them during AR, no matter how important they are. I think having them on relatively ‘empty days’ is very well thought.


I am personally fine with letting Rare Quests appear anytime, including challenge events or Atlantis Rising. Given the rate I am getting free WE flasks in the game I personally don’t feel such collisions to be a big deal.


I don’t think there should be any restrictions on when rare quests appear. Just like every other aspect of the game you should use your flags where you personally feel they are most important.


i love the idea of rare quests arriving without event restriction. My bottleneck has been and will be for the next couple years…4* ascension mats. The quicker they arrive, the happier ill be. If that means one less flask used on atlantis that day, its glorious anyway.


Today, lots of World Energy is available via :

  • Flasks got from playing the game, thru the month.
  • Game gifts a flask at beginning of the event.
  • Flasks for from completing event levels - Rare (1), Epic (2), Legendary (3) = 6
  • I get flasks as rewards from the tier my points get me = 6 flasks every event.

This itself helps regular, non-competing players manage Rare Quests during Events.

The competing players buy World Energy and hence, there is no shortage for them.

New players are the only group that will be short of world energy & I personally, remember my time = it’s a grind to reach higher levels…. & their participation in event will vary as per roster.

So feel, RQ should be allowed to spawn during Challenge events or when due, without any restrictions.


I agree and also the duration of the rare Quest is something to keep in mind. Besides with everything going on in the game there’s enough time to play the levels of the Quest whenever you got WE left.


Since challenge events last several days, I wouldn’t mind having rare quests pop up during them if it meant more rare quests. There’s plenty of time to go through the quest and event with flags to spare.

However, if it wouldn’t increase the number of rare quests we get, then I don’t think it’s worth having them concurrent.


For me rare quests can spawn any time. Challenge events consist now of less stages (30, not 45) so they take much less time to complete, but their duration is the same as it was, right?
But bare in mind that I don’t care about scores, I just complete all stages and that’s it, so I can spent world energy on other things.


We have been having 1 a week for months now. I really don’t care when they fall as long as they keep the current pace. It would be even better if they just drop the randomess and just picked a day so it is the same time like the trials.


It is my understanding that they would always have the same NUMBER of rare quests, but that they’re just blocked during events. The fact that we got 2 right in a row seems to prove this, so if the number of quests doesn’t change, I love that they’re blocked during events.

If there were to be MORE then I’d support that, but I don’t think it’s the case.

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This can be careful what yah wish for …

Today is busy trials token FR2 rare quest …
Ok cool dont bother me, could be to much others there time zones difference for people, RL to clear stuff always come into place …

Im in agreement with @ffphier… iv said before Tuesday is a generally a slow day for stuff to do, why not have rare quest happen then its a easy fix everyone knows where they stand … I doubt they gonna spawn that frequently that you end up with loads of extra mats by the end of a year.


+1 for having a fixed date and as @Dudeious.Maximus mentioned, Tuesday is a great day atm for it


I only go for completion on events anyway, so having a rare quest spawn during one is not a problem for me. I know it could be for those going after top scores, though. I also hoard WE flasks, and even if I didn’t, I’d make sure to have a few on hand for situations like this, if rare quests were not blocked by events.

We already have days when completing the daily POV tasks is a huge WE drain, and we don’t check for that before spawning rare quests. Do towers block rare quests? I’ve never paid attention, but to be consistent, they should. There’s a ton more content than there was in 2017. I wasn’t even here yet! So I think it’s worth revisiting this decision.

So much of E&P is about prioritization. Maybe this should be another manifestation of that. Go for a top event score, or pay the WE for a guaranteed mat? Your choice.

EDIT: I also like the idea of a fixed day each week for rare quests. Please give this serious consideration.


I think it depends on what the alternative is: quest during the event or none at all? Or quest during the event or it’s punted three days to fall on a non-event day, and the schedule for subsequent quests remains unaffected?

^ this, 1000 times this :slight_smile:

spoken as someone who often goes through quite a few replays in challenge events to keep in my desired tier…


Of course players would want more rare quests, more often, because of the 4*AM bottleneck. :woman_facepalming:

I personally don’t mind when the rare quests drop as at level 83, I have more than a few WE flags on hand to complete it. I also strive for completion rather than high scores for events. So inititally I voted for Yes, let them spawn whenever, just thinking of my own personal situation.

However, there is a completely different tier of players who do strive for high scores, repeating stages, so that’s where their WE flags go. Add a rare event and other quests, I imagine it would be too much :thinking:.

So, in the end I voted No don’t let the rare quests spawn at the same time as an Event. Rather as others have suggested, a specific day of the week for rare quests in terms of logistics, planning etc makes sense thinking also of the lower level / new players with fewer WE flags available. Yes they could use flasks, but the use of flasks should be optimised like during AR.

Thanks for linking the many posts / thread of players who are overwhelmed with all the in-game tasks above, @Dudeious.Maximus. It’s good to remember not all players are in my position in game.