Do you have a 4* troop rainbow? How long did it take to do it? Cash or Free ETT?

  1. When did you start playing?
  2. Are you f, c or p2p?
  3. How many TC20s you have running? And from how ling now?
  4. Ratio on money/tokens spent on troop vs hero summons?

Pls be kind and answer. Ty

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You did not ask from me, but I’ll answer anyway :slight_smile:
I have 27 5* heroes (15 unique). All received from TC20. And 16 4* troops (8 unique).

  1. April/May 2017
  2. f2p
  3. Most of the time 3, first since November 2017, about 480 pulls
  4. No money spent. Only free tokens used in troop summons, don’t know the count. All gems spent on either expanding hero roster, or on hero summons, mostly on hero summons. And of course all free hero summon tokens used. I have never received a 5* hero from a summon. And no HOTMs.

Ty 4 sharing.
1,5 years and you have all 8 4* troops.

I’m 2,5 months and I have 1 and im lucky… 1 hotm from a eht…

a year and half, give or take.

same as @tomb

so the road to getting at least a rainbow 4* troop is, lets say, 1 year… if not cash splashing is in order :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m almost 11 months in and I’ve had a rainbow set of 4* troops for some time. But I do not have a rainbow set of 5* heroes. It’s all subjective.
C2p player. 2 TC20 churning always (around 150 training complete). I’ve used gems for one 10xtroop summon, other than that I’ve spent them on heroes.

C2p i bet you had a bunch of package ett offers bought also… Thus the rainbow 4* troop

10xpull how many 4* dropped?

I’m pretty sure I’ve only bought max 5 troop tokens, pretty much all my C2p money has gone to VIP.
10xtroop summon gave me 1 4*. For the longest time I had only blue 4* troop, then my luck turned and I got the rest from free tokens within 1,5 months.

Edit: Anyways I’ve probably spent 10 times as much gems towards hero summons, and done much more pulls via TC20. Still blue 5* eludes me. And I also have same amount of 4* troops as I have 5* heroes (9 of both).

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  1. June/July 2017
  2. c2p
  3. I started running them at level 20 in December 2017, IIRC. All four, for a while, but since then mostly one or two, with the others running out fodder.
  4. As for tokens, I’ve just used what dropped, and have no statistics. As for money, well, I have done a few hero pulls for gems (whether from VIP or collected from drops), but no troop pulls for gems.
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probably the 1.5 years old players got some ett from recruit 2 and ofcourse from chests…

Nevetheless one needs aprox 1 year ett drop from chests + the ett dropped in recruit 2 - that is broken for the last months…

so @EmpiresPuzzles please take it in consideration :smiley:

P.S. the luck factor is a decisive one, for sure. i aint absurd :stuck_out_tongue:


Been playing from Feb this year, I only buy gem offers during monthly events and monthly VIP so would say i’m C2P
I have only one TC20 for about two months and I’ve run it couple of times (currently only maxing 4* rather than frustrating over not having mats for 5*)
I do not spend any money or gems on troops, only acquiring troops via gold troop tokens and so far I’ve managed to collect almost all 4* troops (missing only yellow one to have two sets of each color), first rainbow set currently on 10ish lvl


Started 45 days ago,

I’m about 2-3 weeks away from having a fully ascended 4* team, I have all the ascension materials needed.

Got 2 4* troops from a 10x draw.

I spent about 90$ on special offers (mainly for materials) since I started playing.

Here is my main team after 45 days

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  1. Feb 2018 I think?
  2. I am formerly C2P, converted to the religion of pseudo-F2P, while realizing the benefit my C2P ways provided.
  3. I’ve run 4 TC20 for about 2 months but not consistently. After I got 8 5* I stopped because I had plenty to work on (Lianna*2, Joon, Leonidas, Justice, Magni, Vivica, Sartana).
  4. I have never purchased troop summons, so all monies went to event summons.

I still do not have a 4* troop rainbow. I have a single 4* (red) troop. I’ve gotten plenty of troop tokens, but 3* almost every single time. Sigh. :frowning:

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  1. Started 110 days ago (3.5 months ago).
  2. c2p (spent about 500$ to get my team initial started first 2 months, lately been only buying the deals)
  3. only at TC19 so far but maxed stronghold
  4. Did 1 troop 10 pull, rest were from tokens. I have 2 4 star green troops; duplicate… and 2 4 star purple troops; 1 mana, 1 crit.

My 5 stars, and my troops so far.

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1- July 2017
2- was F2P till Sep2018 since then I am C2P. (VIP) only.
3- 2 TC20 for 6 months only 1 5☆
4- 0$ on troops and on Heroes. Just of VIP, all gems to pull heroes. Only got luck pulling 2 5☆ and they were Darke and Aegir.
But got 3 4☆ troops from epic tokens in all the period I been playing E&P

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Nope, I have been playing since april, or so.

Currently I have one fully maxed 4* rainbow team (Tiburtus, Wu Kong, Caedmon, Kelila and Grimm), completed back in September, when I also got 2 Khionas.

Have 6 more 4* heros on the way up for defense team and color stacking, all from TC13 and 20.

All of it without spending a dime.

After getting the Khionas in September, I bought some gems offers and activated VIP, so I became c2p.

A few days ago I got Zimkitha, which will be my first 5* to max up, since I don’t have enough tabards for even one Khiona (but got the rings, yeah!!!).

The question was for 4* troops, not 4* heroes. :slight_smile:

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whoa!!! sorry, well, I’m only one troop short from the rainbow, never have and never (I think) will spend money or gems in troops, at least not yet, only epic tokens.

Lots and lots of 3* ents!!!

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To be honest, as much as people may disagree with me, I feel that fielding a full team (or teams) of 5* is a higher priority than troops.

I have been trying like CRAZY through TC20 to get 5* heroes. Now I have 5 holy, 2 dark, 1 blue and 3 green (all Lianna), but no Red. Once I get a Red 5*, I’ll start spending my hard-earned gems (ftp, now) on troops. Feels to me that troops are the icing on the cake, but you need the cake (heroes) to ice.

Not to say I am happy with my lack of 4* troops, but I’m more focused on strengthening my roster


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