Troops and summoning?

Hi, this is my first post here.

I am C2P, level 62 with 60-ish maxed 4 and 5* heroes, doing quite well (enough for me) on titans, alliance wars, events and whatever. I have been playing for 2 years.

My concern is I have NEVER found any 4* purple troop.
Yes I know RNG has no limit, however I already did 10x a few times, and used many many epic tokens (from wanted chests, Recruits 2 quest, 6 each month from challenge etc), am I doing anything wrong ???


Nope, is just bad luck. Also, on the plus side the extra troops you are getting are not wasted because to get 5 troops to lvl30 you need an insane amount of troops (and enough food to feed the whole world and end globan hunger, but I digress).

For example, I have never seen a Caedmon. He is the only 4* I dont have, even thou I have seen multiple copies of every other 4*hero. Is just luck, nothing more nothing less.


when you press the button, are you hitting it slightly to the left? right on center? it could be that you’re just hitting the button the wrong way.

You’re fine. It amuses the summoning gods to deny some of us a particular color. I waited forever for a 4 star green. It eventually came but dear god is it behind. Top of my rainbow defence team is level 21. The green? 14. Woof.


1,5 years - still no 4* blue troop…thus in remaining colours I have both mana and crit troops (doubled or tripled even :frowning: )
RNG is a b…h

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Well same here… almost
Besides the fact I have no purple 4* troop I have no S2 5*, only 1 Event 5* and only a few S1 5* … luckily I got several hotm since January 19 but had no luck on Telluria with 45 Pull (a few more will come maybe)

So it is just rng as usual

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Welcome! Nah just bad luck I can’t get a holy or ice 4* troop!
I actually have both in dark twice and fire only mana in nature!
Keep pulling! :wink::+1:

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Was just looking for people on the same boat. Been palying for almost a year now, still without a yellow 5* hero (but i have 2 domitias???), and no green 4* troops either. Multiple red mana troops, but no green ones…

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