Do i really need to level up 3*s?

Is there any reason to level 3s over 4s or 5s other than tournaments that only allow 3s if you have 30 4s and 5s for wars? I know 3s level faster and require less hard to acquire materials. But is there any other Situation than a 3 tournament that a levelled 3* is better than a levelled 4*?

The Rare tier of Challenge Events is the other obvious 3*-only content.

Otherwise, it depends on the heroes you’re comparing, and whether you can max the 4* heroes, or are limited on Ascension Materials.

In particular, some 3* heroes can be remarkably useful even when you have lots of other heroes leveled. I still use Brienne for my Trials of Fortitude team, for instance, and made good use of her up through 7-8* blue Titans, even after having 4* heroes leveled.


Plus you need 30 heroes for war.

Lots of us needed 3* heroes to fill the gaps for a while and maxxed 3* are often better than a half finished 4*


At least 30 heroes, really.

3* heroes can be useful in War well past having 30 other options, since they allow for filling gaps on color stacking and special skills.


In past I would say skip 3s but nowadays with the challenges, do your 3s then 4s to get emblem rewards from the challenge completion.

Unless you tell me you have all the necessary mats to up a 5s, just get a good team of 4s first at the very least.

3s are very easy to level so it would good to have a good team of 3s to help farm on the map.

There are some color/class combinations that don’t exist in every color, or in every star level. Given that, you may find that you only have a few of a particular class, and only say one non-green druid. That may make you want to level a 3*.

If you’ve already spent a ton of money to get 4* & 5* heroes, you will likely run out of materials for them, but you can always work on the 3* you like in the background.

Logically, you could make that argument with 4* heroes, if you have enough 5*, but there are some 4* that are too good to ignore.


Heres my roster right now

Way too many pulls. :rofl:

Level 2 heroes of each color for 3s and 4s then work on your 5s.
I don’t think you can level any of the 5s at the moment.


Right now i dont care too much about the 3* only stuff. That could change in the future. Im pretty happy about my progress in the game so far and i feel that i do pretty well for my level. I know its not the most logical thing to do, but like most impatient kids, i like to play with my shiny new toys lol. My weakest aspect right now has to be my war bench which is where leveling 3s makes sense because they level fast and easily but im also kinda for long term useability and i feel like as i level more 4s and 5s that the 3s will just get rotated out.

I have wnough mats to max a green 5* and im 2 capes and 2 telescopes away from maxing a blue. Ive heard maxed 4s are better than 5s at 3.70 but sartana seems to be my best sniper option right now. She hits harder than my emblemed caed. So im not sure

3s heroes are easily maxed so have 2 of each color is not difficult and really workable during wars.

4s heroes have the most utility vs the resources involved. So it is best to have also 2 of each color.

5s are the best shiny new toys but you gotta have the mats for them.


If you can, from your roster of 5s, take Athena and Ranvir as high as possible to maximize damage on titans. Green you can wait for a better one.

Margaret is not ideal as a first green 5s.

Yeah. I realize this isnt the logical way to do things. But i play to the game to have fun. The fun factor is more important to me than efficiency. I just want you to understand that i see the stupidity in the way i do things. But what im saying is id rather put the time and enegry into 4s over the 3s. Also. I do plan on leveling some 3s but probably only 6, maybe 7. I really like muggy so i he is on the list and hisan seems really good too. As for a green 5 i have marg and horghall and im not really a fan of either. If i have to chose im gonna take horghall all the way over marg but for right now im just gonna hold off on a green 5*. I have tons of shields and most likely i will bring little john up. Im planning to take seshat to 3.70 and while im waiting for tabbards see who i prefer out of her and sartana. Probably seshat, she has been super fun even at 2.1.

As for too many pulls. You are totally right. Lets just say gacha got me! Lol. Those multiple ranvirs mostly came from chasing proteus during atlantis. Lets just say im hoping the hero academy can help me put all the ranvirs to some use.

You are basically doing it similar to how I started.

4s then 5s then recently 3s when they started the tournaments and emblem rewards for 3s challenges. :rofl:

Having a lot of them make your squad versatile in 3* tournament. I have 31 unique maxed 3*, on its way to 34.

Before i had 5 3s i pulled caedmon. so my early team was 4 3s and caed. Then not long after, maybe 2 weeks, i pulled grimm. Bane, karil, hawkmoon, caed and grimm was my team for a looong time. Of course i was lacking mats so grimm and caed were at 3.60 for quite a while but that team worked well for me for a long time. That is probably the reason i dont respect 3s as much as i should. I got a taate of that 4 power and 3s just seemed weak after that lol. I also didnt have a purple higher than a 2 for a long time. Actually i had gotten prisca before grimm and i started ascending her but i hated her so much that i fed her away when she was like 2.20ish. Lol it was probably not the smartest decision but i dont regret it and ive never looked back. I still hate prisca more than any other hero in the game to this day.

Thats pretty cool yelnat! I definately like having a variety of heros so you can tailor your team to the enemy. Its just 3* tournaments arent really a priority for me at the moment. That could change. I actually really like that SG made 3s important by adding the 3 tournaments. I think its really cool that even at lower levels, newer player can compete in tournaments and not necessarily get beat out by someone just because the other person has been playing for years. I hope this game keeps growing because id like to continue to play. Right now its the only game that has totally sucked me in and its super awesome that its a mobile game and i can play out and about or at work sometimes. So i think its a great idea that they have made an aspect of the game that newer players like myself can really be competitive in, if they choose to.


consider at least maxing out the 3s you’ve partially leveled, to help with war bench depth. Gill-Ra and Kailani for example. another advantage is that they have fairly unique skills that are not quite duplicated by your 4s and 5*s (that is, Kailani gives a higher defense. boost than Aegir, and only Wilbur is sort of comparable; and I don’t think any other hero has the same skill combination of Gill-Ra).

Yeah that is something that i am going to do. If i start leveling a hero, then i am gonna keep them. They usually get the scraps left over from when i feed 4s or 5s. So one kailani and karil will get maxed, its just gonna take a while

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