Worth levelling 3*s? (How far)

I know this is probably an old topic but I may be in a different position.
I started the game making a few pulls, and started with a full 4* team, I’ve never seen the point in leveling 3*s until now. I’ve seen 10 emblems available last months event for a completion reward for rare. And now there is also a seasonal event this month!!!
I’m not going to miss out on those valuable emblems this time.

I guess my real question and what the topic should be named is “How far do I need to level a 3* rainbow to get the completion rewards on events without putting off levelling on my important 4* and 5*s that I’ll actually use more than 16 times a year”

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It’s worth maxing, at the least, enough 3* to be able to complete all of the Rare tiers of Challenge Events, now that they have Emblems.

In practice, that can easily be nearly the same team for all of them, with some adjustment for color reflection. A rainbow plus two more heroes of different colors would be enough to ensure you had a full team for each Event.

3* heroes are also likely to be of use sometimes in the upcoming Weekly Raids.

Seasonal Events don’t have hero limits like Challenge Events.

If you want some specific recommendations on which 3* heroes to level, it’d be useful to know which you have.

I’m also wondering how your coverage is for Class Trials — are there any classes where a 3* could help fill a gap?

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You pretty much answered the question @zephyr1 I am well covered in class trials. I just didnt want to waste putting time into my 3s . The reminder of the weekly raids has put into perspective for me that I should just spend the time to max a few of my better 3s in each element even though it pains me. Thank you for the reminder.

You’re welcome!

And yes, Weekly Raids are going to make use of all sorts of usually lower- or no-priority heroes at times, depending on the rules for each particular week.

You may even find yourself wanting leveled 1* heroes and “bad” slow heroes for some of them. :exploding_head:

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Even though I’m not free to play I like that EP are doing these new weekly raid challenges. It gives more incentive for all players to keep playing.
It helps with the longevity of the game and I appreciate that.


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