Do I need second Jean-Francois?

I know he’s a five star. But I get a headache when I just think how long will it take to max only one. Plus I have almost all reds I need, all maxed on talents; Wilbur, BT, Scarlett, Gormek, Colen (only one without talents) plus Jahangir for tournaments and various quests with 3* heroes. Too many reds…
What would you do? Have you ever turned 5* too food?

I am not at the point yet where I feed duplicate 5*s, since they’re so rare to get, and roster slots are still affordable to get.

I would keep him if I was in your position as you never know whether the upcoming Hero Academy or a future balance adjustment will change how you feel about keeping a dupe.


I’ve never fed a 5* hero away and as long as Hero Academy isn’t out, I won’t. Still hoping there will be a use for them. And I can also recommend to rather buy roster space than feeding really hard to get heroes away.

About a second Jean-Francois: Regarding wars, I think a second one could be helpful. Especially if you fight purple tanks and face a lot Kunchens in war. His special is just made for them!

But I would probably do it that way: Level the first JF and wait with the second one until there are no other heroes that have any priority.

Also, just max your first one and try him out. If he performs well, especially in wars, that might help you to decide.


I plan to use him in this war. His special is at 7/8 already at 2/42! Can’t wait for his maiden voyage :slight_smile:

Why get rid of him…the benefits of feeding him to another is miniscule compared to what he’ll eventually become… imagine down the line having 6 all 5* heroe teams for alliance wars…guess any 5* hero is so hard to come by that I personally wouldn’t feed him into another hero…1-2-3 and some 4* heroes are meant for that… unless you feed a duplicate 5* into the same,but again I’d only do it if I had few of the same…just my 2 cents worth


I have never fed a 5* hero and I don’t intend to do so, but waiting for the hero academy. Some more useful doubles I have taken 3/70 (like Onatel, Joon, Kingston and Magni) and some (like two Thornes, third Kingston, poor old Margaret twins, second and third Grazul etc) are just waiting there. I think that if I managed to get two Jean-Francois, I might want to take them both 3/70 for the wars. I like him in my allt, wery nice to stack with other reddies.


Do you honestly need a first copy of him. JF is a luxury at best and a huge waste of space at worst.

Don’t feed away the second one;!!!

You don’t necessarily need him now but keep a hold of him cause 5* heroes aren’t necessarily going to come round quickly

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I know a player who fed Atomos to Hansel the instant he got the Atlantis Guardian. I bet there are others doing the same. Why stress yourself seeing heroes in your roster who have a bad reputation garnered from the community, who won’t be ascended to his/her final tier and wishing that one day they will get buffed or that the Hero Academy will arrive soon. Those who are hoarding 5 star heroes have more white hair in them, me included, than those who may have less heroes.


My first Atlantis 5* was Atomos, early last year when he was new. He’s never been ascended but he waits patiently in my roster in case he finds a niche or gets a buff (who now regrets getting rid of Aegir because he used to be rubbish?). Why not? He only takes up one space. Same amount that Aife takes up while I’m waiting to get 9 more feeders. I got Cheshire Cat a couple of Wonderlands ago; took months before I bothered to ascend him, I’m still not bothered whether to use him or not, but he’s MINE and he’s beautiful. There’s room in most rosters for a few not immediately productive characters. I have white hair because I’ve lived a long time, not because Atomos, Thorne and Horghall are squatting in my collection. And one of the things I’ve learned in that long time is “waste not, want not”.

Also bad reputation from the community is not always deserved - or not always suitable advice for your own situation.


With the only difference being that the thorne is a better solid

Oh, I don’t think Thorne’s been awful since his tweak a few months ago, it’s just that he won’t be seeing any feeders for a long time (or scopes this decade) due to Vela, King Arthur, Isarnia, Richard, Sonya’s costume and a couple of 3* (not to mention Vela #2 and #3) being ahead of him in the queue, not necessarily in that order. I ate some dupes of him because I know I’ll never want more than one Thorne, plus he pops up in TC20 and summons more often than is strictly polite. JF on the other hand is a hero of this month only. He may return in Atlantis next year with very limited odds, but for the most part, if you chuck him away then decide you want him after all you’re not going to have that chance. You can always eat the spare later if you conclude he’s really not up to snuff.


Don’t eat a dupe 5* unless you are one of those players who have all the luck and pull 4 or 5 of each HOTM or event hero. As many have already said, you never know if you when you may want a 2nd copy levelled or if a useful hero academy will appear that can turn those dupes into the hero you’ve always wanted.

I’m personally now sat on duplicate Lianna, Kadilen, Justice, Thorne & Obakan and have already maxed a duplicate Vivica.

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Most people regret having fed a 5*. Consider it carefully. 5* are not that easy to get and 4* heroes can take you to a certain level before they choke out.

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I fed one five star only and that was a dupe of Khagan, the first is still sitting at 2.2 and will be that way forever.


Hold those rings, maybe you will get lucky and get Tyr next week.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate it. You conviced me, Im keeping him and all the rest dupes in the future :slight_smile:

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I still hope the hero academy will use them somehow even though I doubt it. I was a heavy spender for over a year and have eaten 5 Evelyn and the like. No one needs 5+ Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall or Lenoidas either.

It’s always personal about how your roster looks. If the developers post something like ‘Duplicate heroes will never ever have any use except for the increased chance to level up the skill when maxed’ I will eat up 3-7 each of Miki, Grazul, Evelyn (again), Aegir and like 20 classic 5*.

As a reformed free to play that recently cheated and became cheap to play because I didn’t want to be without vip I wouldn’t trash any new HotM’s or season 3 heroes though. They are precious now and I sincerely doubt I will ever have 4+ (or even 3) of the same 5* ever again.

So yeah agree really, just wanted to add a little footnote that sometimes it’s ok to add some space. No one needs 11 Grazul (great hero though).

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…Because Aegir.

Yeah it’s a longshot. But they could always get Aegir’d.

So true…5* heroes do not come around that often…who knows when you’ll find a niche for em

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