Acension advice please ( QoH or Jean Francois )

I have Richard currently at 3/43. I have the scopes and lack 1 warm cape to max him. I hope to max him in the next couple weeks as soon as I can acquire that last cape. he will be my first maxed 5 star.
I have other 5 Star but lacking mats so they are not in consideration at this time.
I have 5 mystic rings so closing in on being able to max a red 5 Star. I have QoH at 3/70 and 2 Jean Francois at 1/1.
between Qoh and JF who pairs better with Richard?
I’m looking for overall usefulness, which will be more helpful in more aspects of the game.
or should I save mats til I pull a better red?
thank you for any and all advice.

Which heroes you have as maxed 4*?

In all honesty and in order to get the best advice, you need to post details of your roster so that people can give you an informed opinion.
My initial advice would be for you to treat this game as a marathon race rather than a 100 meter sprint.
So for example, my view would be that if someone is in this game for the long haul, build your base roster first ie 3 x 3 star rainbow teams and then 4 x 4 star rainbow teams before you start to level your 5 star heroes
Good luck

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red: Scarlett, Boldtusk
blue: Grimm, Boril, Kiril
green: Hansel, Caedmon, Brynhild
yellow: Wu Kong
purple: Rigard

current projects:
red: to be determined
blue: Richard
green: kashhrek
yellow: Mist
purple: Sabina

mist and Sabina are both at 3/60 and both will ascend within the next day

edit: l have Rigard costume fully leveled.
I have blue, yellow and purple 4* troops. red and green i have 3 star troops.

JF is great, but QoH might be more helpful at the moment for the more difficult tasks/bosses to come and hard mode, judging by your heroes. since I see no proteus on your projects she’s the next best thing to shut down spezials (a bit). And you will have a great flank for your richard too Hansel/Caedmon-QoH-Richard-brynhild-mist looks promising or better mirroring that :thinking::rabbit:


Agree with you, QoH for this roster will be mor useful.

But OP has Hansel, Hansel is better than Proteus due to being fast for me)

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Well I do disagree and would max Jeanfrancoise.

  1. QoH is nice but her special already works on 3/70. Maxed out her damage still is average.

  2. QoH is also paladin, and would share emblems with richard. Depending on your war defense color (most Play blue Tanks at the beginning)

  3. QoH is not that great in defense, thats my personal opinion.

  4. Jeanfrancoise (JF) as class Wizard would be better regarding setting talents.

  5. JF is fast and his damage with talents increases while maxed.

  6. You dont have azlar or gravemaker what would collide with overwriting burn damage effects.

  7. Jean is a very very good defense hero. His counter defense ailments is useful and can give the attacker a real headache.

Okay enough with the numbers. I have jean as my project on 3 68 and i do already use him. He is good in offense. Mostly goes off two Times, what will burn enemies down quite fair.
Maxed out with emblems his burn damage is really heavy.

But he doesnt stand a hit that good, so he needs to be maxed. QoH with her special resist ability can be played on 3/70

Thats what I think. But, both are quite cool.


We’re talking very early 5* picks here…

Defence absolutely should NOT be a factor at all in the decision - attacking based decisions leads to more mats, defensive ones don’t.

I’ve got both these hero’s - JF maxed and QoH at 3.30… she’s barely usable there unless it’s in my minion chaos team (even then, you can tell she’s a long way short of where she should/will be!).

I used my BK for a while at 3.70 and whilst still slightly more useful than most 4* at that level… He doesn’t become the gamechanger that he is at max.
QoH is a similar deal in that she’s a damage magnet and damage sponge - the taunt card pulls hits to her, so you want her befeed up to survive them…
And she doesn’t have BK’s magic trick to drop that damage to one - on top of that, the duration of her taunt is dictated by the minions HP and her defence stat… It all adds up to a hero that gets significantly better as she’s levelled up.

JF is good, particularly in deep red stacks for that crit boost… As a standalone hero or an early 5* pick he’s not quite so special.

Emblems IMHO aren’t a major issue yet… I’d be just fine splitting Paladin between the two 5* but the wizard emblems would be going Kiril’s way rather than JF’s if I were OP

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Put Kashhrek down… you’ll regret it.

You’ve already got good tanks and he’s not very good at anything other than tanking.


I had same dilemma and I’ll go with Queen. She is my favorite however and I have different roster where some decoy will be useful. Still, her taunt is quite unique and against Ursenas, Gravemakers and even Velas is extremely useful.

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Ok with your additional info of your roster, I would definitely proceed with fully levelling Mist and Sabina.
Richard will make a good 5 star blue tank.
But just to repeat myself you are far better at this point in your game, building your 4 star roster. They will get you the mats to progress 5 star heroes in the near future
Good luck

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I agree and see the value of leveling 4 Stars.
in my situation , I have 3 maxed blues with emblems, I have all the mats to max Richard(pulled the last needed cape today), my other options for blue would be captain of diamonds or mireweave and Richard will give me a solid tank for quite a while.
The reds I only have 2 maxed and definitely need depth there. only other 4 Star I have is sumitomo. imo sumitomo is ok but not great. i lack 1 ring to be able to max either JF or QoH. I think both of those will be solid for me long term.
this is why I decided to max Richard and trying to decide between JF and QoH. I’m not abandoning my 4 stars. I will continue to work on those as well to improve my bench. once Richard is maxed I’ll decide between mireweave and CoD. sumitomo will be leveled after I finish either QoH or JF.
I fair well with my 3 and 4 stars in tournaments, events and challenges. legendary challenges give me a little trouble so if I can max two 5stars I have mats for then maybe they will help me in those harder levels

Jean Francois works well with a Master Lepus. I apologize I’m not sure QoH is a reference to.

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