Poll: Too many reds. Which one should you ditch?

Yesterday I got second Jean-Francois. I’m keeping both of course. But now it’s red jam pack in my roster, so question is, which one is worst of the 5 in your opinion?
I only need 6 big guys for the wars. I know Wilbur and Bold are out of the question, but I included them just to be fair.
I’m keeping Jahangir for 3* tournaments and quests.
My team from l2r - Caedmon, Boldtusk, Boril, Wu Kong (I’ll replace him with Joon as soon as a max him) and Seshat.

  • Boldtusk
  • Wilbur
  • Colen
  • Gormek
  • Scarlett

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Unless you already have other copies of them I wouldn’t feed them away… extra hero slots are cheap.

However, if you already had a leveled copy of them I would feed Colen.


Why would you ask for what’s worst? Why not ask for what’s best?

Holding off on vote until clarity but blind and assuming these are all your first copy of said hero I would say most impactful to least impactful:


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Agreed! They all have strengths and I wouldn’t get rid of any of them. If you have multiples, and are deciding who gets mats, it would depend on what you need/where you’re lacking (offense/defense, titan, raid).

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Wrong! Whilst having 6 in each colour will give you the MINIMUM required number of heroes to participate in wars, just keeping the minimum of 30 heroes for wars puts you at a significant disadvantage in wars.

If you only have 30 war ready heroes of 6 in each colour then in a war against a tank co-ordinating opponent you are forced to use your weak colour heroes…

But if you have 40 war ready heroes of 8 in each colour then you no longer have to bring weak colour heroes against a colour co-ordinating opponent (as you will have 32 war ready heroes in your 4 colours not weak to the enemy’s tanks).

Whilst there is an absolutely minimum number of heroes you need to participate in wars the more you have on top of it the better your advantage - with 60 war ready heroes of 12 in each colour you can run 6 3-2 attacks with the 2 heroes being the strong colour against the tank in all 6 attacks - 90 war ready of 18 in each colour and you can use a trio of the strong colour in all 6 3-2 attacks. Etc etc…


Don’t ditch any. Keep hold of them as pointed buying rosta space is cheaper than buying heros.


Colen and debatably Gormek (since you have Wilbur) are the least useful of those.

But what everyone else has said applies, keep 1 of each copy of all 4* and 5* heroes you get.

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Tbh i cant understand the hype about wilbur. Hes not that great. On tank position he just need a debuf and every hero is sharing that debuff.

I dont like him

Wilbur is very, very great. But not really best suited to defence.


I always tell members, even f2p people, to expand your roster in such cases. All those 4* reds are useful… eg Colen in 4* rush tourneys and he is my choice as weakest

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In order from definitely keep to throw away (assuming you have 1 of each):

  • Wilbur
  • BT
  • Scarlett
  • Gormek
  • Colen

Wilbur is highest (meaning definitely keep) because he is S2 and therefore much harder to get, and besides he is one of best red 4* there is. So is BT, but he is classic, so you’ll get him from TC20 eventually. Scarlett is Fast and therefore has higher priority than Gormek (who has also ton of health so makes good tank), and finally Colen is slowest and useful only for RT where everyone is very fast.

I would think ultimately you need minimum 18 (for 3-2) to 30 (for mono) big guys for wars.

Dude! He’s good that’s why there hype about him.
I think @Olmor has like cool video on a raid or tournament that last not long with a red mono?

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2nd clip, was on a rush:

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With the exception of Wilbur you’ll get all of those heroes a dozen more times. If you do pulls regularly you can afford to eat 4*’s. A wide variety of options is nice to have during Events and raid tournaments. Colen turns into a little beast when his speed is set to very fast. Personally I would hang onto all of them.

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