Help with ascension choices

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and could use some advice on who I should ascend next as I have limited ascension mats.

I’m certain that Proteus and Mist should get ascended for Dark/Holy (well, almost certain. Gullinbursti looks tempting) it’s the other three elements:

Nature - Brynhild, Peters, Gaderius, Caedmon, Skittleskull, Gobbler

Fire - Gormek, Colen, Sir Lancelot, Sumle, Shadereave

Ice - Grimm, Triton, Jott, Agwe, Mireweave

My main focus at the moment is war and titans, but am still working through Atlantis hard and season 3.

I agree with your thoughts regarding Proteus, Mist and Gullinbursti. I would do the follow as well next:

Nature - Brynhild, Peters and Caedmon (you can swap the last if you want)

Fire - Boldtusk, Wilber and Colen (I added BT and Wilber if they are not leveled yet)

Ice - Grimm, Sonya, Kiril, Boril, Jott (I added Sonya, Kiril and Boril if they are not leveled yet)

Some Holy and Dark to also consider leveling ASAP:

Holy - Guardian Jackel and Wu Kong

Dark - Rigard, Tiburtus and Fura

Good luck! I hope this helps! :wink:

Assuming you have listed your current options it always depends on what else you have.
But from those listed do NOT waste limited mats on Agwe or Gobbler

Nice one, thanks for the tips. The ones you added as suggestions I already have leveled with the exception of Wilbur and Guardian Jackal, will hope for the latter in the next Teltoc.

For reference here is my already ascended 4* roster: Kiril, Boril, Tiburtus, Wu Kong, Little John, Scarlett, Chao, Li Xiu, c Melendor, Sonya, Rigard, Kashhrek and Boldtusk.

Have gone C2P in the last couple of months and am now taking a break to get some heroes levelled for 6 x rainbow war teams. Though as mentioned I’ll be doing a 10 pull in Teltoc to see if the RNG gods smile on me and throw Jackal my way. :smiling_imp:

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You definitely want Wilber. I use him for almost all titan attacks except for maybe Fire titans. He is truly a 5* hero in a 4* body.

Guardian Jackel is key as well, but not everyone has him as he is an event hero. He is good in all kind of scenarios. Thus when you get him, level him right away! Good luck! :wink:

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Did a 30 pull last Atlantis hoping for Wilbur but no luck. Got Ursena though. When I finally start looking at levelling a 5* team she will probably be at the front of the queue. Have got a few waiting but have seen enough advice about levelling to wait until my 4* roster is strong enough to start earning some serious ascension mats.

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That is correct! To build a strong roster, you want a stable of solid 3* heros followed by a solid stable of 4* heros. This will help you get the ascension materials to eventually start working on 5* heros. It’s great advice and one that I myself have been working “backwards” trying to correct! :wink:

Make sure to join all the events, challenges and tournaments. I would also join an “active” alliance so you can get titan chests and war chest as well. I have gotten a ton of ascension items from titan rewards, Titan chests and war rewards and war chest. Over a course of a month (maybe two), you would be surprised by the number of ascension items you have collected.

I say “active” alliance because you need one that is participating in defeating titans and winning wars. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and need to find another/better alliance.


LOL. That’s like losing out on the minor prizes but winning the grand raffle. Congrats!

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I hear you regarding my alliance choice. Currently only 6 out of 30 members regularly engage in titan battles, limiting us to 4* titans or less. Probably time to upgrade.

@SirOsis Yes! You want an alliance where 30 members are always active in wars and titans. Otherwise, it time to kick the inactive or move to a more active alliance. You are missing out on a lot of titan rewards, Titan chests, war rewards and war chests. Good luck!