Defense team setup/help

Hi, just wondering if I could get some suggestions on defense setup… I cant seem to keep my trophies up past 1600-1700… here is my current setup along with my strongest heroes not in defence currently…

Thanks for the help

IMO, best way is max *4 1st.
Boldtusk is great.
And minimum 1 healer.

Melendor - Tiburtus - BT - Grimm - Caedmon

Or Rigard is also good Tank.
BT - Caedmon - Rigard - Grimm - Tiburtus

If *5 heroes are maxed, then you can use:
Justice - BT - Ariel - Marjana - Seshat


I see you have done a lot of work levelling 5* which is great if you’re shooting for diamond 2400+ trophies. I agree with @jinbatsu you should max your 4* heros as they tend to be stronger than your 5* on your current defense team. This will keep you in gold, and into platinum as well.

You have great options with your current line up too but they’ll need some levelling. I’ve found Seshat a bit squishy at tank. I use BT and with emblems his multiple revives is awesome. Rigard heals and is the only 4* that cleanses, Mel & Caed great debuffers and inclusion of either will depend on your need for a sniper, go Caed or a healer, go Mel although he is not your best option currently at 3:18.

Trial and error for a defense team, I would have…
Caed, Grimm, BT (although he needs to be levelled more to be effective in this role), frida, Rigard.

Good luck.

Edit - Marjana at the moment is your strongest red, so you could try her at tank, until BT is stronger perhaps.


Ok thanks, I’ll give that a go… should I still use the 5* until u have the 4* maxed? Some of the 4s I dont have mats for right now

Do you have already mats for Marjana 6 rings? If not wait your 4 blade and use it for BT and also Wilbur, both are very very sinergy and I use it alot for raid, event, map, green titan but some time not only green titan, because BT raise +att and Wilbur -def titan and bonus +def all allies.


Use all side by side.
You’ll see what and who works well together and who’ll die too fast.

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I only have 3 rings right now and 2 blades… also missing compass for BT… I also use them both for most titans unless it’s a red titan where I sub Grimm for Wilbur, I like Frida, Grimm and Ariel for red titans along with Wukong and BT… but I tend to use both on ither titans

If you did not bring Marjana to tier 3, instead bring BT to tier 4, you can have BT maxed, just wait one compass and 2 blade more for Wilbur.
To get 3 rings is around 2-4 month from rare Quest (I think, I’m not calculate).

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Oh… didnt plan that far ahead I guess lol

You’ll get about all the ascension items for a legendary of each color per year, but you’ll be able to ascend 3 epic heroes of each color in the same time.

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But do not regret for that, Marjana is very good heroes, you should also max her later on.

Very slow process getting ascension mats… yikes.

Same question re: raid defense. I’ve been switching different heroes in and out of my defense, looking for something solid. Went with this lineup for a long time:

Seshat 4/80/6 Sonya 4/70/7 Kashhrek 4/70/6 Rigard 4/70/11 Joon 4/80/3 Team Power 3867

(Seshat, Joon and Rigard have been emblemed once each in the last month, so it was a tad weaker earlier). I switched out Sonya for Grimm 4/70/10 every once in awhile, to see if my results improved: they didn’t. Lately I’ve been running Grimm instead of Kashhrek, with the lineup such:

Seshat Grimm Rigard Sonya Joon TP 3882

It’s not working that well, either. I’m beginning to have other options with other heroes I’ve been leveling recently, including:

Ursena 3/70
Marjana 3/70
Miki 3/70
Magni 4/8
Lianna 3/70
Lady of the Lake 4/1
Boldtusk 4/70/7
Caedmon 4/70/6
Wu Kong 4/70/4
Chao 4/70
Tiburtus 4/70
Kiril 4/67
Jackal 4/21

So, best defense for raids? I haven’t been keeping track of wins-loses for my D, but my general feeling is that I lose over 1/2 the time I’m raided. I’m generally in the 2050-2350 cup range, have never made it to Diamond (but I also haven’t really been trying to get there just yet, either). Any suggestions much appreciated. I see a lot of Boril and Cyprian on defenses that I attack, and I’ve been (slowly) leveling mine, but neither of them are even Tier 3 yet. Worth it to advance them faster?

Ursena is an awesome tank. I see her often in Diamond. Sonya is squishy and I see you’ve been levelling a number of 5* heros.

Kash at tank is too easy to counter with dispellers as you enter high Platnium. I had Boldtusk was my tank in Platnium, so he could be an alternative and flanked by Seshat and Joon if he goes off, his attack boost will charge Seshat & Joon’s specials. Lianna is a great sniper too, although LotL is a super pain to face too… You could try

Lianna or LotL, Seshat, Boldtusk, Magni, Joon
Lianna or LotL, Seshat, Boldtusk, Joon, Sonya
Seshat, Joon, Ursena, Lianna or LotL, Marjana

You have lots of options as you have some great heros. @Guvnor could offer you more informed advice.

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Current defense:
Seshat - Caedmon - Boldtusk - Magni - Joon
BT with talent bring me to low Diamond for long time, then I replace with Anzogh, but it didn’t make any big different if I switched. Now I’m in the range 2400-2500 (while I plan a small cup drop during this valor), I switch Ursena 3.70 and still stand by in diamond after 3 days.

Seshat - Joon - Ursena - LotL - Marjana

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Having been summoned here

Current defence:
Sonya -> Joon -> Seshat -> Boldtusk -> Lianna (3-70)

Seshat is a pretty solid tank as she makes meat shields for herself. Joon will shelter Sonya in the wing somewhat and BT will do the same for Lianna… Ideally you don’t want wingers who are passive but want ones who strike hard and fast.

Future defence I would probably suggest something like:
Seshat -> Joon -> Ursena -> Magni -> Lianna/ Marjana

Joon isn’t the best P-Y-P hero, more suited to being one of the yellow in a Y-P-Y setup… But seshat is too good to leave off…

As said above, kashhrek is a good tank against people who don’t know colour stacking…

Regarding your final question about boril and Cyprian, I wouldn’t make a special effort has they’re (like kashhrek) middle tier tanks… Good for a little bit but not long term…

Final bit of advice:

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Thanks to all, very helpful. I had been concentrating on leveling mostly 4* teams the last 3 months or so, until January rolled around. Then I started on a mix of 5* s, moving them up to 3/70, and now I’m going back to leveling 3 and 4* s. I’m just about done with 5 rainbow teams of 3* s, and , with @Guvnor’s suggestion in mind, will be concentrating on getting at least 20 4* s leveled up (I’m at 11: Rigard, Tiburtus, BT, Wilbur, Wu Kong, Chao, Grimm, Sonya, Kiril, Caedmon and Kashhrek; currently working on Sabina, Proteus, Colen, Scarlett, Jackal, Triton, Buddy, Skittleskull, Melendor). Not sure who among my 4* yellows should be leveled other than GJ ; I have Li Xiu and Hu Tao in Tier 2, and Danzaburo and Gretel in Tier 1. One more suggestion here would be appreciated! I know G. Jackal isn’t considered a D hero, would Danzaburo be the best of the Holy 4s for D?

Re: 4* ascension mats: I’ve got a decent number -
Tonics - 7, Shields - 7
Rings - 10, H. Blades - 27
Darts - 9, Orbs - 18
Tabards - 5, T. Tools - 22
Telescopes - 9, Capes - 12

So, ready to level up at least one of every color except Dark (i.e., Ursena). Should I be leveling Lianna, Miki, and Marjana (or Mitsuko, who is almost ready to ascend to Tier 3), or should I hold off while concentrating on the 4s? Don’t have a Holy 5* that’s very near, Poseidon is the closest at 2/14.

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