Help with Defense Team needed!

Hi Community,

I am performing quite well in Platinum League when Raiding. However I feel my current Defense Setup is not 100% optimized. I am therefore open for any suggentions that help me. Here are my Heroes:

What would be your Defense Team? You can also suggest to upgrade/ascend any Heroes I have if they would improve my Defense Team.

Thanks a lot in advance, I appreciate any thoughts on this!

Yours Mahamoti

Jackal Rigs Grazzy Kiril King

…would be devastating as long as you are not in diamond.


Thanks for your thoughts, happy to see any other comments!

just a suggestion, you should level Boldtusk ASAP…
for defense, I agree with @Olmor.


I’d go with Caedmon-Kiril-Falcon-Proteus-Jackal.

Specials fire from left to right so: Caedmon dispels, Kiril heals and buff the attack, Falcon can be a good tank with his paladin talent, Proteus prevents mana generation and Jackal hits.

Your highest priorities should be Grimm and Boldtusk as @jinbatsu mentioned.


If Boldtusk was maxed, how would you change the defense team then? Exchange Grazul for Tusk? Or do you mean Boldtusk is good to be maxed in general?

If Boldtusk and Grimm would be maxed, how would your defense Team look then? Which Heroes would you take out?

For me yes, because BT emblemed is more scary, sturdy enough, heal more, +att boost, and he revive. Grazul is good in flank but it also depend on others heroes.

I currently using BT+9 as Tank in my Diamond arena.

And of course BT is overall great in general not only for defense, he really good in offense.

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I’d probably go with Caedmon-Grimm-Boldtusk-Proteus-Jackal but it depends on which heroes have emblems.

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I am choosing your favourite composition for our next Alliance War starting in 21 hours. Because I think 3 Healers and ailment protection will perform nicely there. So I will level Grazul first and then BT. I will post an update after next Alliance War.

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I am choosing your composition as my general Defense Team. BT will be levelled after Grazul together with Grimm. I will post an update soon :slight_smile:

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First night was horrible. Lost 200 points in 8 Attacks. Only won one fight against a much lower team. I still think the build is not bad and can be optimized. I exchanged Falcon with Grazul for now and keep the rest as it is: Caedmon - Kiril - Grazul - Proteus - Jackal for now.