Defense Assistance

Seeking some pro defense setup help. The only given is yellow tank. Really looking for your “whys” for knowledge/ learning…

If this is the wrong forum, my apologies and please delete.

There are a lot of options.

Alberich-Athena-Justice-Sartana-Marjana is a good one.

Alberich on left wing so that the revived heroes can fire the same turn.
Athena to reduce defence before the other heroes fire.
Justice is your best yellow tank option.
Sartana - fast sniper, next to Justice so as to make colour stacking harder.
Marjana - fast sniper in the right corner where she can evade special skills.


Why is a yellow tank a given? Since there’s better options for tank, I’m assuming this is for war defense? If so, that can be slightly different than a war defense set up.

Sorry yes, for war defense’s

In that case, I agree with @D_DI on the Alby, Athena, Justice, Sartana, Marjana scenario… EXCEPT for healing wars.

For healing rounds ONLY, I would run Alby, Athena, Justice, Marjana, Kunchen. Putting 2 healers in the corners in healing rounds - Especially Kunchen - makes your team much harder to kill. If you had Viv emblemed, I’d even suggest swapping her in as tank in healing rounds, but Justice should do ok regardless.


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