Advice on War defense with yellow tank (Vivica or Justice?)


I have a dilemma on my war defense:
We use yellow tanks and my actual setup is: Marjana - Ariel - Vivica - Sartana - Lianna.
We play enemies around 4100 - 4200 TP.
I’m not really happy with my defensive performance (I know boards always play a role).

I just pulled Seshat and I’m going to max her (have the mats). She will move Marjana out and my setup will then be: Ariel - Seshat - Vivica - Sartana - Lianna.

My dilemma is: I got Justice from TC20.
1.) Do I take her to 4/80 an put her in instead of Vivica? I already have the mats.
2.) Is Ariel as healer on the wing enough?

I haven’t really any decent other decent choices on defense.

Thanks a lot in advance,

I would not run more than one healer on defense. Level Seshat and keep Marjana in. Take Ariel out. I’m not a big Justice fan, but she can be punishing.

I personally prefer Justice over Viv as tank.

And I honestly don’t like two healers next to each other (Ariel and Viv) or any healer (besides Alby and MN) in the corner, which would be another point for leveling Justice. :slight_smile:


@Aquaginera_7DD stated exactly what I came to say. Justice as Tank 100%, keep your healers safely apart from each other.

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  1. Justice should be your tank. With Vivica out your Cleric’s emblems could go to Ariel.
  2. One healer is enough but I would put her as a flank.

Marjana - Ariel - Justice - Sartana - Lianna


Are your Paladin emblems spoken for? I think it’s Justice either way, but if they are available, that would definitely sway me.

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  1. cleric emblems are already on Ariel.
  2. Sheshat will go in instead of Marjana and I wanted to put her at flank in order to have a yellow tank with two purple flanks. Would you still put Ariel at flank and Seshat at wing?


  1. Justice will get emblems, which currently are on Sonya.

I would put Seshat in Sartana’s place.
Who would get your ranger’s emblems?

If you want to run a yellow tank with double purple flanks then Ariel would be forced to be in the wing.

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I wanted to run double purple flanks, because I think Sartana is superior to Marjana. Do you think otherwise?

Emblems are currently on Lianna and I’m unsure if I should move them to Seshat.

i am not fans of Slow hero , i got Vivica , Justice but prefer to use Joon at first then Poseidon now as Tank

Fast Sniper Tank give more punishment than Slow heroes. currently my Poseidon at Tier-6 with Ariel family bonus he got more Defense than Vivica and Justice.

I think that Sartana is more damage oriented than Marjana while she is more durable and that they both are good snipers.

But I also think that putting two heroes of the same color isn’t the best choice for a defense with the exception of fielding them to not be forced of having underperforming heroes in it.

Seshat could be a better ranger than Lianna as she brings utility on top of a good damage but then your Lianna would be too squishy to stand high damaging skills: if you were to give to Seshat your ranger’s emblems you could actually find a better defending hero in Marjana rather than Lianna.

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Vivica is a C grade tank.

I am very happy if an opponent use her as tank.

I’d go Justice then. Personally, I am much happier facing a Vivica tank than a Justice tank. I basically don’t mind Justice if I think I can get her before her special fires, and being emblemed will increase the chances that she fires before dying.

Thanks for the advice.

I pulled Joon from TC20 though, so my darts will definitel go to him, since offense is my priority.

Therefore Vivica will remain at tank on my war team, with the following lineups as options:

Which one would be better?

Don’t think Joon at tank (when maxed) is a smart choice…too squishy, right?

Thanks again!

This seems to be the best option

I like Viv on flank myself. I think Justice would make a better tank . So my answer to your question is JUSTICE