War defense arrangement

Advice and thoughts on my current set up,
Marjana is in the tank position for co ordinated tank color. My reasoning for the positions

  1. Evelyn in left wing for her elemental def down and debuffer.
  2. Ariel left flank for her mana boost/ cleanse if needed. And heal of course.
  3. Marjana is my strongest red
  4. Kunchen in right flank to take tile damage and fire his defensive down/ cleanse if needed…heal
  5. Hansel to pair with Evelyn and mana control.

I also have Onatel at +4, Frida +6, Grimm +14, buddy +4, Wilbur +12 … Other 5* but not leveled and ready yet

So you set 2 healers and cleansers on flanks? A good player may crush you in no time. Make the middle more offensive. You have Onatel with emblems. Replace Kunchen, since you are so lucky to have Ariel.

2 healers in flank crossed my mind,.I’ve had onatel in flank and have always lost. Of course defense can’t always win… Was curious on the 2 healers, I would rather have Kunchen tank but alliance agreed on red tanks… Also, I want Kunchens defensive down more so then his cleanse. Hansel stats are too low for flank but my strongest green to pair with Evelyn

You can probably replace Hansel with Onatel for a rainbow 5* defense team. Just a thought.

Green protects red. If anything, I’d have it Ariel-Evelyn-Marjana-Hansel-Frida if you wanted to color protect. Or drop Hansel for Onatel and keep Frida. Good luck.

Kunchen is designed to be tank. On flank is a waste, being slow mana. If the opponent is smart enough, will focus first on the left side. I’m not sure how many turns takes for a slow mana to fire when is not hit, but a lots, anyway. Maybe more than ten. The opponent has all the time in the world to gosth tiles on the left. Well… Now I tell you how I play when I meet Kunchen on flank. But maybe you are lucky enough to be attacked by poor players.

Lol I have my fair share of losses…and wins. Luck will always play a role in this game, from the portal to the boards. This is my first time with this defense, hence this post. Other wise I wouldnt have posted… also first time using marjana as a tank. Thanks for the replies and feed back guys

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