War team set up help

Current: Miranda(11) - Justice (12) - Sartana (9) - Marjana(9) - Lliana(14)

Replace miranda with Vela(14) and Justice with Viv(14) , or I can bump up Justice or Miranda up a couple levels

I assume your alliance runs purple tanks for war?

Do you have Vivica costume?

Is the colour positions fixed?

If positions are fixed I would leave Misandra in (better wing than Vela is)

If positions are movable & only the tank colour is fixed I would run:
Lianna -> Vela -> Sartana -> Justice -> Marjana

If you have Vivica costume put that in instead of justice

If purple tanks are not required:
Lianna -> Vela -> Justice -> Sartana -> Marjana

Fixed for war, but open with my standard def which is changeable. No viv costume unfortunately

Why sartana tank?


Purple war tank I presumed.

The “colours movable” was more referring to asking if the rest of the sqaud is coordinated or just the tank… Updating the text to be more clear.

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Got it. Justice is a pretty beefy tank. Will be interesting to see her costume

Personally I hope that she gets similar sorta thing that Joon did where they flip around the stats on damage and blind…

Maybe up the damage and decrease the blind

Alternative is to get rid of the blind and add a crit buff as the inverse (I guess) of a enemy accuracy debuff (crit damage = your team more accurate)


I don’t have her leveled. But a teammate uses her as war tank. Been decent so far.

More damage. Less blind sounds like a fair trade off though

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Unfortunately purple tanks, least good for me but overall best for team

Theoretically I could use my cleric emblems to make a Grimble tank. Although since his destroy minion skill would be fairly useless there.

This option then is my vote :slight_smile:

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Very good article, thank you very much.

That’s exactly what I’m hoping for as well @Guvnor. I have Neith sitting at 1/1 since I just can’t bring myself to use the AMs for her. My summoning seems to involve more dark hero’s than any other element, especially Holy. But I’m not really impressed with Neith overall. Do you or @Rigs have a different thought on her?

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If you have Justice or Drake, they do blind better than Neith.
If you have Guin, she does mana cut better than Neith.

If you have Drake/Justice and Guin there’s near enough no point at all in working up Neith.

If you don’t have any of those three, she can be quite effective as a stalling tactic.
If you have any of those three, you already have a useful stall… And it’s probably better waiting for a more useful dart target.


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Thank you @BubblesUK. I thought as much. She’s a jack of all trades master of none

Exactly… And if you have a master, you don’t need a jack.

But if you have a job you want doing and a master isn’t available (or is too expensive) then a suitable jack will often suffice surprisingly well.

And so it is with Neith.

I will eventually max her, probably, but there’s others ahead of her on my list…

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That’s pretty much where I am as well. I’ll eventually get around to her but right now I have projects going plus some waiting in the wings.

Funny enough while going for Telluria during this AR I only pulled Aeron…plus a boatload of muggys and chochins

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Sorry, I stole all the luck (Telluria, Aeron and Inari)

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Regular def(adjusted) with justice tank


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