Defanse team help

Thanks for any advice ahead :
My defense is (C)Rigard(19) Queen of hearts,Telluria (5)Clarissa, and malosi (6) I have the mats to ascend a blue, would Isarnia, magni , or thorne help in place of rigard ?

Also Queen at 4/23 shes not acrually on the team yet

None of those three is ideally situated in the left wing. Of those three, Magni seems best due to his speed.

Do you have any other options for a red hero? QoH is good, but curious what options you have.

zlatr at 3/1, Elena 1/1,noor 1/1 ,and Red Hood 1/1, Only other Blue 5 I have is Raffaelle at 1/1, I can keep going with what i have for awhile I bounce between 2100-2550 cups, Im stronger in purple and green just trying to get more diversity atm

Sorry first one is Azlar, thankd

I think magni is best suited to help. A fast blue next to Telly is always recommended.

Thanks for advice, having a 5* sniper would help offense too


i would go:
clarrisa, Queen of hearts,Telluria , magni, malosi

although this defense is not that punnishable… you are kinda hoping qoh gets to fire and magni to get some kills… but its tough…

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thanks, will do some experimenting, see how it goes make that one one of the first, i realize i need a couple more lucky pulls to be real strong, thanks for the attention :slight_smile:

one other hero i have thats going to be awhile before i level is freya, i think a QoH,Telly, and Freya center could be frustrating , has it been tried much ?

I know people are down on Noor but I think a Freya/Noor combo could be tough if they get going. Giving 120% attack to Noor’s beefy minions could be interesting. If you went that direction could do a Freya, Noor, Telluria, Magni, Malosi combo? Lack heavy hitters, but if the attacking team doesn’t have a minion killer, things could add up quickly.

But back to your original question. If you replace CRigard (who is great in his own right) That still leaves you with QOH, Clarissa, Telly all competing for emblems. That is something to consider.

If sold on those 3 though, I would go clarrisa, Queen of hearts,Telluria , magni, malosi like @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS Boolz_San mentioned.

thanks, your right about the emblems, i havnt ruled out noor, eventually she will be up next, im really just getting into bumping up my 5* , i started backwords and ascended first 5s ahead of 4s, 4s reaching point where i can start 5s again, i fixed up 3s enough for time being , thanks for the help :slight_smile: