Making best defense

Hi Guys,

I’m F2P player and I want to improove my defense.
I need some advise for my defense formation and which heroes should I use.

Current: default formation : C-Leonidas - Richard - Freya - Francine - Gefjon

I currently max Magni and his costume.
Bellow my deck:

Thank you for your advise :slight_smile:

BTW I have enough mats to up one 5* hero per color !

Grefjon - Magni* - Freya - Joon - Francine

Maybe I can put Garjammal instead of Francine in this defense ?

You can also put her but to me Francine’s ability to cleanse and her class’ dodge chance is more valuable.

Should I stay with a “classic” formation ?

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Reverse V is always more challenging.

I like francine with a red flank however you don’t have one that feats there.

Also I’m not very fond of snipers in defense but you don’t have much more other good choices.

Considering your roster I would probably try out something like the following in normal V formation
Francine - cLeo - freya - devana - gefjon

Having freya as tank and cLeo refrain the opponent from bringing darks. Also devana has a great synergie with cLeo and Freya

Yellows are not recommended and againt bera/freya as you want to refrain from killing freya before charging your heroes and she is likely to die with tiles if the opponent bring more than 2 yellows also having 2 yellows at flank is not ideal for a yellow heavy stack.

Blues are forbidden because of francine.

Greens is not ideal as there is no blue in the def.

So it only remains reds which will only have strong tiles against your wing and be neutral against the rest of the roster.

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Ensure that the defense team should contain 2 healers, 2 counter attackers and 1 attack booster or 2 healers, 1 counter attacker and 2 attack booster will give good defense at the same time use rainbow colors

Use the combinations from the following heroes
Richard, Magni, Telluria, Fracine, Freya, Quintus, Geffon, Azalar, Wilbur, Vivica, Joon

Boril(c), Kiril(C), Rigard(C), Sabina(C), Proteus, Cyprian, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Carol, Wukong, Gullinbursti

Where there is possible use costumed hero rather than un costumed and fully emblemed