Changing def team

My basic def team is the one with Telluria. I am thinking to change it with one of the other two. If I use Frigg as a tank I will strip Marjana and Max her. I also think to strip tell and Max Clarissa so I play rainbow. Any advise or any another idea will be appreciated .
Ps. I also have maxed Morgan (19 emblems), Thorne, c-azlar, kaghan,guin, Leo, Malosi,dom, mok-ar.

Thor is not yet released, maybe next month… or do you mean Thorne?

IMO, Frigg or C.Kadilen but flank with Ariel. And for Telluria I think no need 2nd healer although her HOT is small.

Hello and nice roster :+1:

I don’t have most of those heroes, but I raid a lot and face Telly, Frigg and C.Kadilen occasionally.

If I see Frigg flanked by two blues, I stack green or go full mono green. This will diminish Frigg’s effect, leaving her less green tiles on the board. I would put GM on the left flank and Magni on the right flank. Ariel for Magni if you want a healer.
Also, Glenda is not defense team material. She is great on attack though.
Similar with C. Kadilen. She is irritating to face too. That dodge and AoE at fast speed is *******

X- GM- Frigg or Kadilen- Magni- Joon

X can be Clarissa or any other hero that does damage at fast or very fast speed.

Magni can be switched with Ariel. In that case, Ariel to left flank, GM to right.

My two cents.

So you believe I have to change tank ? If I do I will strip tel and Max Clarissa

I thought you ‘already decided’ to change Telly.
If it is between Telly, Frigg and Kadilen, Telly is still the better tank but barely. Frigg especially is deadly, and Kadilen is very irritating to face. But Telly keeps other team mates safe and slows down enemy. It is more of a ‘who is with Telly’ situation.
I think, before stripping Telly of emblems, try Clarissa-GM-Telly-Magni-Joon for a while. Then Switch to Clarissa-Ariel-Frigg-GM-Joon and try, and then switch Frigg with C.Kadilen and see how all of them do.
Then if you think Frigg or Kadilen teams perform better, you can strip Telly and emblem Clarissa.
Hope this helps.

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