Def:. Neith vs Devana

So good problem to have but this month I drew both Neith and Devana. I have enough darts for both, whew, but ranger emblems are scarce and should go to whichever one goes on my war defense team. Currently running this team in war:

Thinking Neith fits better in place of C-Li on the wing but not sure. Currently I have ranger emblems on Athena (who keeps them), Lianna (who is also awesome but I do have Kingston emblemed for a green sniper), and Tibs and Triton for 4 stars. Advice sought on which of the 2 golden ladies should get the emblems!

Other yellows with emblems include malosi, Thor, joon, mica, mist, li, wollerton, jackal and Guillin

Thanks! Just passed my 4yr game anniversary and still need some advice from time to time.

Tough call here. First and foremost, Joon should be in that spot, not Li Xiu. Neith is better on defense than Devana, but I think you’d be better suited maxxing Devana for offensive purposes and keeping Joon on Defense.


This was my thought too, but I’d also consider Thor.
Curious why OP wants Li, Neith, or Devana instead?


I actually found rogue li quite troublesome there, more troublesome than generic Joon at any rate. I had switched them back and forth over a few wars and got better overall results from Li. I would like to switch li out but not with a non-emblemed hero. Neith seems my best bet to do that, but then again I dearly want to play with Devana on offense. On the other other hand I do have a lot of options there for yellow already.

Thanks for the input so far!


Till you get Neith ready, toss a coin between Thor or Joon in place of LiXiu.

Neith in rush wars will be BiG in slowing fast charging opposition heroes.

Devana is superb for offensive play & occasionally try out in Defence during horde wars… where she can do some :dart: on minions :grinning:

= different heroes for different war defences…


I like that “dearly want to play” part… that’s the key to having FUN !!

I gave the darts to Faline, a day before I got Devana & was upset for doing that, as now I have to wait for a while & later the same day, I pulled Odin, who has laid a strong claim to the next set of darts…
Offense heroes I play directly = more FUN, so I m leanings toward Devana when balance 5 darts fall in place…

Wow, thanks for the replies everyone! Really shed some perspective on the issue. Since I can max both with the darts I have I’m leaning towards neith as the more versatile defender to get the initial emblem dump. Devana should be useable enough on offense without emblems for a time and like many I want to field as tough a war defense as possible.

So the remaining question is do I reset any of my rangers? Probably only triton is in danger of that.

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Neith is the better defender, but Devana is arguably more useful on offense. Also as mentioned I’d still put either Joon or Thor in that spot. Average speed on flank = not really relevant unless on a below average board.

Also fwiw I really wouldn’t double up on greens, at least not if within hitting range of hit-3 heroes. Yes Athena counters a red stack somewhat but one could just as easily make her commit suicide with Mitsuko, or drop her offensive prowess to that of a 6 year old with cMarjana, or block the defense drop entirely with Garnet/Grazul/Vanda, catch my drift?