Who to max next (5* Yellow)

Below is a picture of my yellow roster. I just acquired darts #6 and need to make a choice. I also noted who I do and don’t have emblems for.


  • Aouda (No Emblems)
  • Devana (Emblems)
  • Hanitra (Emblems)
  • Leonidas + Costume (Emblems)
  • Musashi (No Emblems)
  • Neith (No Emblems)

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This really depends who you have in other colors. If you don’t have C. Kadilen, I’d do Hanitra. If you do, I’d use Devana for anti-Minion. If you don’t have G. Jackal, then I’d do Leo for Yellow Elemental down defense.

I stuck to heroes you have emblems for since some really do need them to at least T7 to be decent.

defo C.Leo then Devana or Neith, neith for defense or devana for offense, dispel and minion removal

I just don’t know why we see these questions, with all those you should know by now.

If you don’t know, then just max one anyway, take the risk and be happy in your wisdom or learn from your mistake.


Thank you for the votes and most of the comments.

@Jack_oKent Have you considered that maybe I was looking for outside opinions, not always assuming that I am right? Or maybe someone could make a point about a hero that I hadn’t considered yet. With the rarity of mats, I wanted to make sure I was making a good decision. Who would you suggest? Or who did you vote for?


Couldn’t agree more @Lloyd6770 . I am mid 70’s I know my way around, but as general life rule not just for this game, being humble and learning from others is fundamental. Anyway, I do get @Jack_oKunt view in one regard as more and more players are seeking advice and sometimes a punt is the best way forward

For what it is worth, I would go with CLeo

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Yeah I get it, but personally with that line up I wouldn’t be looking for other opinions but it’s your game play how you like, perhaps I should have worded my comment better.

It looks like the consensus is for C.Leo probably not bad but compared to some of the others he’s not extremely common up in the higher echelons. Some of the others are much more common. Could be cos he’s a bit of a harder pull though.

Personally even though I think she’s awesome in defence I would put the second Neith in HA10 unless you have plenty of others lower standard.

Good luck anyway.


OMG…. Passive spell check at its best!! Let’s try that again @Jack_oKent

As of the “soul” soup coming up, we are all going to need all of our s1 5* at the ready

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:rofl: pretty funny though

:joy: on a separate note, how strong have they just made the villains??? Will level up all the 4* now!! The blue 4* healer is now the best 4* healer in the game IMO!! And my Tox has becoming even more of a beast :blush:

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We definitely all want the Tox!

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