Deciding on Who gets the Tabards

Hey Everybody,

I recently pulled Killhare, Dr. Moreau and Freya and can only fully ascend 1 of them. I am looking to buff my defense which is currently fully emblemed Vela, Bera, Sif, Garnet, Philleas Fogg in a double formation. Ideally the next purple would be in Garnet’s Position and Garnet would take Philleas’ spot. Who do you think would be the best for that role of the three?

I also have Sir Roostley waiting for darts and him and Killhare are quite devastating but I believe Sif is still better for this formation.

Killhare and don’t look back. She’s a real killer.

I have Dr. Moreau and he is getting my tabards but if i had Killhare it would be an easy choice.

Bera should still stay on the defense, that’s deadly. For attacking I’d go with Killhare.

Thanks for the replies everybody, gonna go with Killhare, cheers!

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