Bera, Dr. Moreau or Onyx - Which one?

Clearly, I will only have enough tabards for one of them. Currently, my 5* Darks are:

  • Jabberwock (20)
  • Seshat (20)
  • Clarissa (10)
  • Hel (9)
  • Obakan

Both Bera & Dr. are at 3/70 and Onyx will be there shortly.

I am leaning towards Onyx so I can get the family bonus with Garnet [20] (who I currently run as my main tank. The challenge is I would have emblems primarily for Dr. as I have been giving my monk emblems to Skadi (although I may be a little more judicious as I am noting that Elizabeth also falls into this class and I will want to put some on her once I get my 6th ring) and my ranger ones to Gefjon.

So, E&P family, which Dark is worthy of the tabards?


Love my onyx, also pair her with garnett.

Beras a close second

I love my onyx. Is fantastic. Is my best hero at raid .

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I have it 20 emblems and destroyed everyone.

Yeah. Onyx and Bera are tied for me but Garnet pushes Onyx over the top I think. Depends on your needs too. Both are legit powerhouses.

Am definitely leaning towards Onyx. Plus I have a level 29 mana troop to team up so he will charge a little quicker.

Bera especially if you need a purple tank

Of those three I only have Onyx +19 and he is my best friend in raids. Love him.
I pair him with Frigg. First Frigg, Onyx and finish with Skadi…badaboom! :grinning:

So Onyx would be my choice

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Don’t really run Dark tanks that often. My primary tanks are Garnet, Santa or Telluria. My primary raid team is Gefjon, Jabber, Garnet, Seshat & Santa.

I think I am really leaning towards Onyx this way he can take Santa’s spot on my raid team. Just need to work on getting my other dark mana troops up there.

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That level of mana troop makes Onyx kind of unfair. Lol. I’m at level 17 and that gets attack to 1135. A bit higher if I go the ninja troop route (level 11)

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