Purple Offense Help - Freya vs Jabber vs KillHare

Hey all! So here’s a quick paradox I am in: During the challenge event with Easter, I pulled Jabber then KillHare. As if I wasn’t lucky enough I also grabbed Freya last night, which was not a big deal until I got the 6th tabbard I needed from a Mystic Vision this morning. So now I’m in a real bind. I was totally expecting to not have to make a decision for a while and I could use them all and figure out what’s best for me. Since we all know that we rarely ever just sit on 4* mats, let me breakdown my team so I can hear some insight.

This next purple will be purely offensive (most likely replacing Quintus who I seriously wish I could take tabbards back from lol). I doubt they will replace Ursena in my defense team (maybe Freya when I max Tell after the POV tonic I am hoping to get). I have Jean Francios who I was very much looking forward to using with KillHare (I use the combo on maps from time to time and love it). So I was super excited to have a mix of Costume Rigard, Costume Tibs, Ursena, and KillHare on a mono team with JF/Kageburado (Maybe Quintus as a 5th mono). I get the appeal of the fast mana hard hitting Jabber, but KillHare hits more just as hard. Freya really appeals for the minion heroes I have like Inari and Telluria (actually the only 2 I have). So what does everyone else think? I was seriously only thinking about offensively new heroes. Last but not least

KillHare - tons of emblems, there aren’t as many fighters I have that are competing mainly Boldtusk and kinda Elena

Jabber - monk emblems are tough, between Joon with Costume, Rana, and Wilbur…

Freya - Druid emblems, also kind of a fight with Alby, Ranvir, Master Lepus and Vela

Anything else you need to know about my team lmk. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

If Telluria is your only other minion summoner, I’d pass on Freya for now…
Not because she’s a bad hero (she’s not), but because it’s high attack minions that really bring the best out of her.
I’ve run her 3.70 (8/8) with Telluria alone and it’s not enough impact… put her with Puss and its a whole different ball game.

Killhare is cool, but with Ursena and Quintus (presumably no costume?), you’ve got AoE kinda covered… The attack bonus with Lepus is cool though.

Which leaves the Jabberwock - offers you something genuinely different? Check. Powerful? Hell yes.


Yea, no costume for Quintus. The costume would make a huge difference in my opinion to give him tabbards lol. Until then I will sit here and just wonder what if I saved them lol.

Best of the 3 is Jabber hands down. Put your emblems for fighter on Boldtusk first. Don’t use on Elena. Killhare is second. Freya is lost unless you don’t have Vela. Then she’s decent for defense next to Telluria

Why Jabber hands down?

I already have BT+20 and Elena at +7 rn. Really not using her except Titans. So I’d def get KillHare to +7 or more.

Jabber is the most versatile. Jabber is on my defense. Ursena is not. He’s a great wing hero if you have GM Tell Vela up front, which I do.

He’s great on attack because he’s fast speed, hard hitting, punishes the wings, and has undispellable poison damage.

Killhare is average speed, does more damage, but drops everyone’s defense, so you’re more vulnerable. In character with the rabbits, she’s high damage but reckless. Unlike the other rabbits, she’s slower.

Freya is only defensive IMO. She’s worth it if you have druid emblems and no Vela.

I don’t think you’ll regret any of the 3, but I like the fast Jabber. I’d take him up and then emblem him

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I think Freya is great on offense but you have to understand what you’re getting: she will protect you and extend the fight. And, at the end, it will be easy to finish off the last couple of heroes by ghosting tiles and letting the minions do the work. But she won’t deal a lot of damage up front. So if you are looking for a damage dealer, Jabber is probably the best choice. If you are looking for protection, Freya is good.

edit: sorry, meant to reply to the thread

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Also good point. Definitely none of them are WRONG choices

Speaking from experience. I have Freya+15, Jabberwock+10 (just finished him a few days ago, so still learning where/when best to use him) and Killhare 3/70. I love/love/love my Freya. I know that the hero grade from her was, meh. But, she is awesome with her +30 defense for all, her fast mana and of course, her minions. I have her on def…kingston+15, Freya+15, BK+19, Telluria+14 and Ariel+15 and comfortably stay in the 2700 cup range. I also just pulled Alfrike two days ago and plan on trying for Clarissa in a few days…and only have 1 tabard. I’m probably leaning on Killhare next, as she is wicked when paired with JF. she hits like a truck and the def down is converted to +42 def for 4 turns when JF is active. You won’t make a wrong decision on any of the three…notwithstanding, it is hard to pull the trigger. :slight_smile:


Knowing both of those you should go with Jabber. Emblems are best used for heroes you will use on offense and defense imo. If Jabber, or whoever you decide on, is just for offense then emblems are not really necessary imo. You have leeway with emblems anyhow as well. I have done multiple resets with my heroes.

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I agree with MW4 the choice between those heroes,but Freya for me is fantastic!!I put her in defence and i am very happy!

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Thanks for spelling it out. I think in that aspect I for sure see the benefit with Jabber. I do NOT have the emblems for Jabber though but I do have the emblems for KillHare, do NOT for Freya. Obviously I want all 3, and I will in the future but for now, I can’t set up a defense with them better than my current defense team (IMO). I know GM is making a return and Telly is a beast, but I have neither. I honestly got lucky to even be in this position (10 challenge coins to Jabber and the next 300 gems was Killhare) and doubt I’ll get GM or Clarissa next month so unlikely I will be getting any new tanks for defense. So for the time being, I’ll have to look primarily for more offensive firepower purely.

I’m not worried about KillHare’s def down because with all the Telly tanks, it’ll probably be a 3/2 red/purp team I attack with and I’ll have either JF or Grazul with me and have Ursena and [KillHare] for purple.

Which brings me to the downside of Jabber, TANKS. Jabber will be useless if I am facing any tank we typically see, Tell, Kunchen, Guin, etc., his hit will be hard but even with the poison, I’m stuck with negative effects of the defense tank and in most of these cases (except Guin), they are healing the wings, adding minions, stealing mana, all types of negative effects. I honestly can’t view Jabber as more than a defensive hero so I am surprised that he would be the “best” offensive choice by so far.

Finally, Freya. I don’t have enough minion heroes to really maximize her special, yet. Maybe over time I’ll get more but I’d really love to use her, I just know it won’t be at her best. Def interesting to hear the raid stories from MW4.

Sorry for the long reply, just wanted to get my thoughts out there so I can hear some replies. Thanks for the insight everyone!

Yea Rowan! I was just fantasizing about a 3/2 red/purple team against Tell/Heim/Yunan tanks. JF, KillHare, Ursena, BT/Grazul, and Elena. The JF burn all -> Ursena strike all -> KillHare strike all would easily kill everything you ever see and I add Elena strike all and maybe a BT ATK Up to really seal the deal…I’m drooling on that squad lol. Seriously just thought about it today

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+1 couldn’t have said it better. If you have mana troops at 23, the Hare makes a good case too at only 9 tiles.

wouldn’t make a huge difference, I believe you meant :slight_smile: I am a sad Electro-Quintus owner

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If I had to choose between those 3 I would go with Jabber first. If you have Jean Francois though too that does change things for the wabbit. I have her and just enough tabards, but i’m going to wait and see how Clarissa looks next month and if the RNG gods will smile upon me.

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Good luck with Clarissa! I honestly can’t have too many options so I like her a bunch but I don’t want to get her right now. I’ll wish all my pull luck to you!

Solid advice above. Think anyway at this stage you are between Jabba and KH

Mine would be that you need to have fun with the game and go with what you think will be more fun to use for YOU.

Also i saw you have Lepus and to make an additional point - the 10% bonus on attack if you run them together on their high base stats is A LOT ( for fighter you need to go to +16 to get from nodes those 75 additional attack and for druid +14 )

This is my next war team that i am working on - have the mats for both, just waiting 1 May to see whether need to prioritize GM and/or Clarrissa first but even if i do Lepus and KH are next. And most importantly need to get some feeders to finish the mana troop for BK.

Am gonna have a lot of fun with that team.


@ALI_G, that is an awesome looking defense. I love BK, on both offense and defense! and with JF you have your protection against Lepus and KH…very nice. I would probably swap Grazul out with another sniper or a solid healer…


Awesome looking squad there! Definitely terrifying to not be able to use your specials on 2 of the hardest hitting heroes in the game PLUS you have the defense protection from JF and Grazul. I hope I don’t have to face that anytime soon lol.

That is a pure offensive set up that i am working on.
Defense am setup for a long time ahead with Urs + 19 Telly + 20 and Vela + 19 middle :slight_smile:

Was just trying to give ideas to OP that especially with this meta where i am fighting only Telly in raids and wars a 3 red stack with the bunnies can be a solid offense. Obviously JF ( and previously Grazul ) were underloved but in specific combos those shine - natural partners to the bunnies.

Thought hard whether can emblem heavily O’Hare and put him in this setup as the 20% bonus attack for the 3 bunnies is insane but think will be too light with 4 colours and difficult to time ans charge all colours in time, but may try one day Grazul BK KH Lepus O’Hare just for the fun

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