New HOTM's - *Would other OP heroes for the year change your mind?* Poll regarding game state in the description

At least one player posted they plan to chase Kunchen in Atlantis. Meanwhile, with J-F pending, I’ve decided to wait before giving Kunchen any emblems.


Seems so far with only 9 votes that folks would like the power ceiling to stay where it is… which to me is a slight surprise but incredibly reasonable.

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What’s the correlation between kunch & jf in this statement

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I think it has to do with not using a kunch tank if Jf has the defensive ailment protection still in his kit… I know that will also make me second guess my kunchen tank.

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Flank with zeline and Vela?

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:cry: :cry: :cry: I wish I had either of those but on a different note Im curious whether or not the devs will read this thread when they get back from holiday?

Then again I guess if I pull enough during the Atlantis summon I could get both quickly… :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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A hero much faster than Kunchen that flips his attempt at defense down. Of course J-F firing is almost an I-win button. How many will catch J-F? I notice that lots of new players even buy summons right away. Don’t worry about them for 6 months, but still. When I was still in bronze arena Onatel tanks on their first chevron were terrorizing the place. (I also have Viv waiting on darts with no better yellow war tank. So Kunchen has 5* emblem competition.)



Good point but i emblem defense for wars so wouldn’t be too concerned about 1 hero

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@Garanwyn @littleKAF @Rook any thoughts on the topic?

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Since you asked, I’ll reply.

I’m pretty easy going in general. If I see a tough opponent, I try to find a way to beat it. I was lucky and got Gravemaker when I was ftp with an EHT. Didn’t realize how good he would be - if you research the forum you’ll see that back then many people thought he would be just blah - I was in that camp.

When I’m beta, I may give suggestions on heroes, but I don’t give many. There are players there that I respect very well who frankly are better than me at that. I often read some suggestions and go “hmm. Good idea.” I prefer to comment on mechanics and overall global aspects of new content. For example, I was the first in beta to comment on how poor the sorting of heroes was using classes because your teams were on the top. Others agreed and that got changed. I usually look at stuff like that.

So I don’t get too excited either way. From the people I respect, I hear a slight nerf may be warranted, specifically on the DOT. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t and I find a way to beat him, even if it takes a while.

As a note, I did get Neith, what many people call the poster child of nerfs. I’ve found a place for her. I like to raid 3-2. Based on my enemy, I may have more AoE heroes or snipers. If I have AoE (including A3E) and am using yellow, I often take Joon for that sniper. But if I have snipers, I take Neith. Is it a devastating hit? No. But the blind all (and sometimes mana loss) is useful.

So the game goes and I still enjoy it and adapt.


Thank you for the reply. I do my best to go into raids with the same mentality and I like that you said:

I dont know if you posted this anywhere else but tbh I might start quoting it more because it is a great out look to have on new heroes and it shows that a hero doesnt have to be OP to have impact.


@Petri hoping you had a chance to see any of this and I cant wait to see the results of the latest AMA.

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After seeing the new HOTM malosi and the nerfs to Telluria and JF it seems as though the feed back here has been helpful and as such I thank all participants, I will leave the poll open just to see how people continue to feel moving forward.

Bumping this thread and tagging other vocal people to get more votes and an even more diverse opinion.

@Mr.Spock @bobiscool @Red_Sun @DoctorStrange @Hcmitchellr @Mr_Style_Points @Frozen

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Yes we need and some good heroes on the game not OP but good not like the past 6-7 HOTMs they wass absolutely UP. If we want this game to continue to be interesting, but they have to rework and some of the s1 heroes and some of the past HOTMs and some of the old events.


In the current scenario, I think that if we had 11 HOTMs at the same level as the first versions of JF and Telluria, we would have 11 problems, not a balanced environment.

I am in favor of the heroes’ increased power, but gradually, not abruptly. These two heroes were designed far above the current game overpowers, they really deserved an adjustment, but also in a judicious way, not abruptly as it was done with the current version of JF. I think he deserved other testing options to get closer to the initial designer, taking away the excesses.

Just an addendum, I think the three-shift version of all his specials, increasing the DOT to 453, deserved at least to be tested.

In parallel with the gradual increase in current heroes, S1 heroes and a few others are deserving of an update, cases like Boss Wolf, Obakan and G. Coruja are good examples of this.

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I wish I could choose a poll option, but with JF taking a significant nerf I feel the answer options are now out of context.

Here are some of my thoughts nonetheless:

  1. they will not buff s1 heroes. They just invested a ton of time and money not only introducing costumes but then redoing how costume summons work. They simply will not undercut the newest feature in the game by offering s1 buffs. I’m plenty happy with the costume bonuses. Costume Rigard is excellent AND has a 5% mana gen boost AND you only need 1 costume for infinite costumed Rigards?? That’s excellent in my opinion. Sure, some aren’t as good, but that will always be true.

  2. you see people always complaining about power creep yet the last 3 HOTM are pretty underwhelming, and even some of the brand new event heroes (I’m looking at you Marie and Chameleon)! Does that stop the arguments of power creep? No, it just creates new complaints about hotm being too underpowered lol. It’s tough to keep advancing the game and adding new features/skills and keep everything perfectly balanced. Actually, it’s not tough, it’s impossible.

The game is going to fluctuate and I believe the SG team wants to earn money, yes, but also wants to see balance in the game. Threads months ahead of a heroes release freaking out about the future of the game is alarmist. I think it’s good the community is actively engaged in considering these things and providing feedback, but I don’t think so much worry is warranted.

Will Telluria, as is, stop you from opening diamond raid chests, or getting top 1% in tournaments, or killing titans? Almost certainly no. If there were additional prizes for opening chests in the top 100 then it may be a different discussion. But as it stands she’ll only effect the top of the top, and honestly, what’s the point in caring about raid defense rank?


I am working on something that doesnt quite fit here.

There is a problem with power creep, but the bigger issue is that it doesnt seem like SG reviews all of its other heroes before releasing new ones.

Can you imagine trying to add new heroes without shifting any of the balance at all? I think that would be really challenging, if not impossible.

Maybe it’s important you translate your feeling into a more tangible suggestion, like you think Telluria should be slow, or very slow?

Nope. I understand how things work and that power creep is almost impossible to avoid. Its a problem that all games face going back to the days of table-top gaming.

However, one unique thing about E&P (and games like it) is that the old heroes are not only still in play…but are sold. Costumes were a good way to address that and came at a near-perfect time. If all get released before S3 (doubtful), Id say job well done.

Many event, seasonal and past HOTM heroes are getting pushed back too far. I am working on something now to try to clearly show that.

As for this specific issue about Telluria, I think her and Boss Wolf should be moved to Slow. If SG sees no issue with her being average, then Boss Wolf should be average as well.


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