Debuff question


During raid opponents Cyprian utilized special which generates counterattack. Used Caedmon to debuff, which normally works perfect and there is no counterattack. This time it appears he attacked first and debuffed second which resulted in substantial counter.

I never remember it working this way.


It didn’t at first, that was a recent change in I think 1.6. It’s on purpose.


They changed that with release 1.6 (or 1.7 dont remember)

I’m too slow for you! Viv the Forum Ninja!


Always hit the one without the riposte. and if all have it on just wing it.


Thanks all…things keep changing…hard to build the right teams…


Sometimes that’s fun; I might have an underpowered team that gets an unexpected lift… :wink:


Or if you can kill a hero, the riposte only functions for the amount of real damage done and that can’t hit for more than the enemy hero’s remaining health. So if you have a low-health target hero, and everyone has riposte up (the X / riposte / X / riposte / X type defenses that one occasionally sees) whack that one and reduce the damage as a result.

On the flipside I’m always happy to trade a hero from 5v5 to 4v4 when attacking, so I don’t mind sacrificing a hero including a dispeller in a 1-2 punch if necessary to kill a critical hero on the opposing side.