Riposte & Minions & Buffs

Would appreciate any serious information about synergies, advantages and/or disadvantages of the specials mentioned in the title.

Thx in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

…attack and defense buffs are the most interesting ones…

Buffs doesn’t work with Riposte except +def (higher def=weaker riposte, but its usefull sometimes)

Wilbur/Gunnar/Kailani + Riposte is terrible idea, with soul link riposte do nothing

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Riposte against attacking minions is surprisingly effective. E.g. facing Delilah, setting a riposte will hurl back on average 0.6 * 1.15 = 69% of the incoming damage (75% in v20).

Minions take their defensive stat, color, talent and buff/ailment effects from their host hero. A hero with both riposte and minions active, when attacked, simply has more hit points from the minions.


Nice answer, you’re welcome.

Asking since I’m currently running this defense.


Works great so far, about an average of 150 cups more with 80 less team power.

But raiding sucks with that team. Questions came up… :thinking:

No offensive hero/wu kong vs team with healer = impossible without incredible good board

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Was looking for this. So if Cypriaan has riposte on and togheter with kirils buff, it Will give lower damage?
Sounds logic but was not sure.

Dead Cyprian



The longer Cyprian is alive, the more often Cyprian can use counterattack.

Titanium shield

As for the original topic.

Titanium shield buff reflects ALL damage, so counterattack does zero damage. ( see notes)

Which can lead to some weird situations.

(How to do major dmg to a rare titan with 3 1*s / Bringing 1* Heroes to a 10* Titan)


Click for notes



Is it also the same if you use grimm defense down special? So if the enemy fires on a heroe with riposte, Will it have a bigger damage or Will it only reflect the damage done on the hero and calculate the riposte from there?

Riposte counter-attack takes into account the entire damage done to the hero with direct attacks.

So if the hero with the counter-attack buff also had their defense lowered, they’ll counterattack more damage (as they’re taking more damage). Same thing happens if the attacker increased their attack, and hits a hero with riposte.

Do note that burn/poison/etc. damage is not countered. If it activates Pierce talent from the Ranger class also prevents counter-attacks and reflect buffs from working


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