Counter attack with attack up and defence down

Attack gets through better when defense is down (Isarnia, Gormek, Tiburtus, Grimm and the like). Does this also work for counter attack? For example, your defense is down and you strike Cyprian who has his perfect riposte on. Your attack comes back with 125% strength. Does this counter attack also reap the benefit of defense down - meaning you’ll receive even more damage?

And what about attack up? Boldtusk enhances your attack by +48%. If Cyprian (or Boril etc.) with perfect riposte on AND attack up from BT gets hit, will he return damage with 125 + 48%?

Counter attack is a static percentage of the damage dealt.

So Example 1: Defence down on YOUR hero attacking an ENEMY Counter attack.

Example 2: Defence down on ENEMY Counter attack hero
INCREASED Damage… because you have dealt more damage to them

Example 3: Attack buff on the ENEMY Counter attack hero

Example 4: Attack buff on YOUR Hero attacking an ENEMY Counter Attack hero
INCREASED Damage… again because you have dealt more damage to them

So in conclusion, Counter attack damage is a fixed percentage of the damage received by the hero who has the counter attack buff.


Thanks! So it is unwise to bring an opponent’s defence down when he has counter attack on. I hadn’t thought of this yet.

I had thought of the other situation: It’s unwise to attack an opponent with counter attack on when your own attack is up.

(unless of course it is worthwhile to take the extra damage, of course :wink:).