Danzaburo and his constant freezing

So I really like Dana but i have recorded over many battles his freezes ability triggers 2/3rds of the time and especially when u need a little extra out of him. He’s one of sakura main family members and seems a little unreliable. I assume his skill is set at 33.3%/33.3%/33.3%, but it doesnt behave as such. Can we possibly lower the freeze to 25%/37.5%/37.5%? Or 20/40/40? I feel like it would still be a gamble but more one of “ah man what a rotten moment for him to get drunk.” Right now it’s like “ah man, 3 times in a row??”

I counted and recorded 300 activations of Danza’s SS. The first 100 or so looked a little imbalanced, like a 40% / 40%/ 20% but that smoothed out to 33% across the board by the time I got to 200. After 300, the needle didn’t really move on the distribution.

So bottom line is that the probability really is even for all 3 abilities. Expect some wide swings in the short run. I personally remember a string of 6 freezes in a row while farming with Danza.


@madmarv so is that it’s good? Or should there be a slight adjustment? Since I’ve been monitoring for me he seems to freezes, aids and fights more at 60/35/25. I know it’s probably balanced but constant freezing reduced his effectiveness as a 4* hero.

Update… one farm battle. 4 bottles and 3 freezes not to mention I loss… lol

I love the gamble aspect. I pair him with strong yellow 5’s so I don’t mind the freezes. I’ve missed out on Rumple both times so this is the next best thing I guess. Makes it interesting.

I’d just like to point out that a “60/35/25” split adds up to 120%. Which would indicate a certain level of fishyness.


Just understand that the odds of the next activation really is 33% for any of the 3 abilities. The track record will even out over a long enough time frame. You’ll have to decide whether that makes him a worthwhile investment of orbs.

The best use of Danza is as a tank on a raid defense team. His stats are unaffected by his SS malfunction. But when his SS does something productive it greatly benefits a defensive team rather than an offensive raid team. Blinding skill is better than Justice, defense boost equal to Vivica and mana generation boost equal to Boss Wolf. It’s just a shame that there’s no real interest in a 4* tank.

@Fledoble didnt realize my math was off hahaha. Totally right. Was conveying a high freeze rate… :slight_smile:

@madmarv I follow you. Would be nice see him in action on a defense team. I haven’t run across him in any pvp yet. Hopefully there be more events that dictate usage of only 4* line ups. I’m planning on finishing his evo cause he has higher health (which prob why u recommended him as a tank).

So far sounds like his even distribution of skill is preferred.

I have Dan fully leveled and use him as a tank on some occasions otherwise in 2nd place more often than not.

He really isn’t all that great as attacker unless paired with Wu, then his damage is dangerous.

Like all of you his only downfall is his freeze factor which always seems to come not only at the wrong times but in sets if 3/4 o. Top of each other .

I reckon Dan downfall is the he is able to use the same SS in succession.
If he where made not to use a SS that is at that time active he would be a far greater asset.
If his SS where able to work alone side each other meaning say the bottle was active and he had another mana shot then the bottle wouldn’t be able to brought out again but say for example the freeze became active on top of (along side of) (at the same time) the freeze would become active.

This would make him a worthwhile hero then.

You could even added an added bonus that when both the freeze and bottle are both active his sword hits are stronger by 10 or 20%

Anyway I like him but only good for defence teams really, shame though.

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